Hang Tough, Apple!

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

The range of the music industry's response to the digital revolution swings wildly from guarded hope to wanton self-immolation. Last week, it veered closer again to suicide.

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The Social Life of a Playlist

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Apple's Eggshells of Personalization

by: Gary Hayes

RealMedia and Microsoft have had their knuckles rapped once already and it seems that the normally tread-carefully Apple have started to upset a few folk with their ‘collaborative filtering’ methodologies via iTunes.

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Revisiting Subscription versus A-La-Carte models

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Mainstream-ification and Podcasting

by: danah boyd

This week, i went to Duke to participate in the Podcasting Symposium. It was a great opportunity to talk to folks dealing with podcasting from different roles - podcasters, lawyers, scholars, businesspeople, etc. I participated on the Identity and Performance panel; here's a synopsis of what i said.

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Researching How Communities Share Music Via iTunes

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