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The Consumer Is Not a Moron. He Is The Other Half of Creative Genius.

In the myth-making that follows success, the beginnings of any creative endeavour or career always happen under the light of a guiding star.

Every creative breakthrough, this myth holds, is foreordained. It benefits and enriches us - we undeserving flock of consumers - through the work and preachings of a chosen one. A christos1, whose genius is to know something we don’t: what we really want.

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The Retailification of Online Publishing

Less than a week for Doomsday1, and two things continue to surprise me.

First, the number of Google Reader2 devotees (including me) who are yet to find a replacement. With other dead products walking, finding a replacement is top priority. With GR, bedside vigil and mourning have taken precedence3.

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Flâneurs and the "Gastronomy of the Eye"

On route to explaining why cyberflânerie isn't flourshing online, Evgeny Morozov rekindles the joys of real-world flânerie:

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The Machine Code of Story-telling

According to Wikipedia, the stock phrase "Once upon a time..." has been in use in some form since at least the 14th century. And its prevalence is not just limited to the English language - the Wikipedia page lists variants in dozens of languages from around the world - as also the modern variants, "A long time ago..." and even "Not so long ago..."

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To Target or Not to Target

Adliterate recently penned a rant about targeting in online advertising. The experience that triggered it is something all of us have encountered (or will eventually do so) - search for something online and be bombarded with ads for the same for eternity.

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"Steve Jobs" Is Currently Mentioned Online Once Every 2563 Words

Lexicalist calls itself a demographic dictionary of modern american english. What it does is analyse millions of words in online chatter on blogs, Twitter and other social networking sites and spews out information about who's using a certain word or keyword - breaking information down to age, gender and geography in the US (They also have a China version.)

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Ganesha, The Mahabharatha and Complexity as a Narrative Device

 In a recent post, Bobulate concludes that "Well-placed complexity has a place. If only to encourage us to think more deeply and globally about simplicity."

En route to that, she quotes this fascinating passage by psychologist Adam Atler:

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Fashion in the Future

In a post accompanying this composite picture from Burning Man (left), Kevin Kelly recently wrote "Someday we'll all dress like this."

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Of Junk and Recessive Feeds

"The human genome is riddled with dead genes, fossils of a sort, dating back hundreds of thousands of years — the genome’s equivalent of an attic full of broken and useless junk" starts this story from the NYT.

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The +1 TV Remote Revolution

I subscribe to a mailing list called Idea A Day that sends out one idea each day. Any one can contribute an idea and most days it looks like anyone does. Usually you receive eclectic but whimsical and impractical suggestions that make you question the whole exercise. But just when you least expect it, there turns up a cracker making it all worthwhile.

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