Brand New Big Shit. It All Started Today for Apple.

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Advergames for iPhone

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Apple + Nokia

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by: David Armano

Laura Ries points us to an observation on the iPhone from non other than Jon Stewart.  From her Origin of Brands blog:

"and last night on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Jon delivered a classic comment on the fruitlessness of combination convergence devices.

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'Touch' is the new paradigm

by: Dominic Basulto

Every now and then, there's a paradigm shift within an industry or field. Sometimes the change is subtle, other times, it is in-your-face obvious. The roll-out of the Microsoft Surface computer within months of the Apple iPhone launch signal a paradigm shift in the way that we interface with our digital devices.

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The iPhone Ecosystem

By: David Armano

Now that some of us have woken up after a full day of product lust drunkenness (very understandable)—Bruce Nussbaum makes some excellent points asking if the iPhone is an "ecosystem" or an ultra cool, innovative product.

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