The Evolution of an iPhone App

The product development process is, if nothing else, a highly iterative process. In this fascinating two-minute clip from tap tap tap, it's possible to see each and every change that went into their final iPhone app Convert. Gizmodo calls it "an illuminating video if you're never thought about how much goes into good design."

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Re-examining Kindle Pricing

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Apple's iPhone Strategy Is Now Clear

by: Design Translator

I’m sure many of us “poo-pooed” Apple’s first generation iPhone as sorely lacking in the technology department. However, no one can doubt the buzz the impending launch of the iPhone OS version 3.0 has created. On the flip side, if we can look through the marketing, we can see that there is a very clever strategy at work here.

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NextGen of Immersive Mobile Branding

by: Eliane Alhadeff

Via: SlideShare - Branded iPhone Apps - The Next Generation Of Immersive Mobile Branding

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Behold The Ocarina! The First Musical Instrument for the iPhone

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Speaking With One Voice

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

My essay last week in InformationWeek about my difficulties getting a single answer from the companies partnered behind my iPhone generated one basic response from readers of my post:


OK, the actual responses were a bit different, but were more like three variations on a theme:

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Football Superstars, iPhone Ocarina, NBC WebTV and Lost in SL

by: Gary Hayes

Another selection of my items cross-posted from another of my original blogs, lamp watercooler.

The Ulitmate Mashup Launches - Sport, MMOG & Social Virtual World - 16 Oct 08

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Can the iPhone Hit Crucial Network Density for Noticable Cluster Effects?

by: danah boyd

On Friday morning, I was shocked to find my always-empty neighborhood AT&T store host to a long line of iPhone cravers. What shocked me even more was that the diverse group didn't look like typical Apple consumers. They sold out quickly and are still sold out.

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The Future of Retail: Instant Price Match

by: Ilya Vedrashko

The obvious future of in-store experience: you find something you like, reach into your pocket for a small device, scan the barcode, and the device tells you whether and were the same product is available for a lower price. Brick-and-mortar stores become little more than showrooms for merchandise bought elsewhere.

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iPhone SDK: Potential For Serious Games Large Scale Distribution

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