Sales Intuition: How to Use It and Improve It

Years ago, I read about the sales strategies employed by a remarkably successful car salesperson.

One of them was to never pre-judge customers

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How To Combine Marketing Tech With Marketing Guts

Great marketers have great guts. Leo Burnett didn’t need a legion of focus groups to come up with the Marlboro Man. Steve Jobs, arguably the greatest marketing mind ever, famously eschewed market research because he didn’t think customers knew what they wanted until he showed it to them.

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What Role Does Intuition Play in Customer Experience?

I originally wrote this post as a two-part series for InsideCXM in February 2014.

A couple months ago, I wrote a post called The 15 Senses of a Great Customer Experience. The last of the 15 senses that I wrote about was the sixth sense: It doesn't hurt to be able to perceive those things that are not seen or immediately apparent. That intuition is something that will allow you to delight your customers.

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The Divided Brain

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant" Albert Einstein

This latest RSA Animate by reknowned psychiatrist Iain McGilchrist (and the accompanying book) is a powerful evocation of how the divergent, contradicting nature of the thinking from the two hemispheres of our brain (and how they interrelate) have shaped, and continue to shape, our world.

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Facts or Gut Instincts? What Makes for Better Marketing Decision

Can We Really Quantify Future Innovation Opportunities? Or Is It Just a False Sense of Predictability?

What a month, from Phoenix to Cincinnati, then New York City, then Monterrey (Mexico) to Moscow and now in London. Meetings after meetings and I don't know where I am. It is like that guy in the movie. I need to have a week sitting down and do some work. Perhaps next week.


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The Invisible Gorilla

Review: The Invisible Gorilla: And Other Ways Our Intuitions Deceive Us, by Christopher Chabris and Daniel Simons

Before reading farther, watch this video if you haven’t already seen it:

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Paralysis of Analysis: Overthinking and Bad Decisions

Choking isn’t just for golfers and free-throw shooters. A particular kind of “choking,” thinking about the process of doing something instead of just doing it, can affect us all even when performing such mundane tasks as choosing a good-tasting fruit jam.

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Intuition Is Important to Innovation. So You Ask Yourself Are You 'Intuition' Gifted? If Not, Here's a Few Practices to Help You Improve It

by: Idris Mootee

We all understand why intuition is important for innovation, and it is least understood. I was trained to apply intuition but follow up by fact-based analysis to back up the hypothesis. Intuition is generally defined by 1/ immediate apprehension by the mind without reasoning. 2/ immediate apprehension by a sense. 3/ immediate insight that points to the direction of a solution.

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Innovation? What a Waste of Time!

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