Can the USA Regain Its Love of Speed?

We used to love being the nation of the leading edge: the fastest and tallest of everything: fastest computers, tallest buildings, fastest cars, and so on. Below is a picture from Wikipedia of the Stanley Steamer in 1903 setting the world wide speed record for the mile at the Daytona Beach Road Course. I have a particular fondness for the Stanley Steamer because my house, and the house next door, were built in 1896 by the twin Stanley brothers who invented the Stanley Steamer car and the founded the eponymous company.

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Russia Has World's Most Engaged Social Network Users

Earlier this year we reported on how Russia is the fourth largest social networking market in Europe. Data from TNS showed that use of social media and social networking in Russia is widespread, making it the fourth largest market in Europe for social networking behind the UK, Germany and France. In part this position is driven by strong local social networking sites, principally Odnoklassniki (Одноклассники), which reports some 30 million registered users, and VKontakte (В контакте) with some 28 million registered users.

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A Comprehensive Report about the UK Communications Market

The 2009 Ofcom Communications Market Report is published, all 332 pages of it.

Want to know anything about the TV, Radio and telecommunications markets in the UK then look no further. And it’s is free. Well it is not free, the UK taxpayer pays Ofcom a fortune for producing the thing but it gives the impression of being free.

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6 Steps to Valuable Internet Content (unabridged)

by: Yann Gourvennec

important notice: this is the unabridged version of a post first published on

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Will the Internet Overtake Television in 2010?

by: Alain Thys

Microsoft just published a rather thorough report on the future developments of the internet across Europe. One of the bold predictions they are making is that it won't be long before Internet actually overtakes (traditional) television in terms of media consumption time.

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Oh, That Fickle Internet

by: Nancy Baym

The New York Times has an article about shifting goals for musicians playing SXSW which, for reasons that aren’t quite clear, uses most of its words addressing the role of the internet. They begin by affirming the importance of blogs, but shift quickly to the “the internet is fickle” meme that was fairly common  a year or two ago. They focus in particular on the band Crocodiles:

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TED: MIT Students Turn Internet into a Sixth Human Sense -- Video | Epicenter from

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Internet Safety Technical Task Force Report

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Why the Net Won't Turn Us All into Social Isolationists

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The Perils of Science by Twitter

by: Iqbal Mohammed

In a recent blog post, Neil Perkin notes the adoption of Twitter to announce major scientific discoveries.

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