Information Wants to Be Expensive

Stewart Brand’s famous maxim, "Information Wants to be Free,” has been, for more than 25 years, one of the most popular rallying cries of the Digital Age. These words have been famously twisted, adapted and re-interpreted to mean, “Everything on the Internet should be free.”

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What Jill Sobule’s Psychiatrist Prescribed

Jill Sobule is a model of excellent online communication with fans. This is one of my favorite stories from the interviews I’ve been doing with musicians:


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A Walk Through the Shadow of the Uncanny Valley

If it sometimes feels like it’s impossible to keep up with the torrent of information, data and digital content that’s being created every day online, you’re not alone. Within the next few years, it’s highly conceivable that many of us will have enhanced versions of ourselves that are able to complete all the routine online tasks – such as updating our social networking profiles or applying to jobs – that are already within the limits of artificial intelligence. In fact, the entire Transhumanism movement is based around that very idea – that soon, a hybrid of human and machine intelligence will make it possible to transcend our current cognitive limits.

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The New Generation of Middle Men

As soon as the Internet made one generation of middle men redundant, it introduced a completely new one – at a great cost to brands.

The first generation of middle men (helping brands and products meet people) was at a cost to the consumers; by adding a premium to the price. The new generation (helping consumers to products) puts the burden on the brands; turning products into commodities and deleting the brand value from the equation.

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The Web is Dead, Long Live the Cloud

The latest great announcement by Steve Jobs, eagerly awaited by the Apple faithful, was not a shiny new product like the next iPhone or iPad – it was something much more profound. As part of a keynote speech delivered this week at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference in downtown San Francisco, Jobs promised nothing less than to kill the Web.

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Viva La Internet Revolución in Cuba

After seeing how mobile and social networking technologies led to popular revolutions in places like Tunisia and Egypt earlier this year, is it possible that we’ll soon see a similar type of revolution in our own backyard? On May 9, Raul Castro and the Cuban Communist Party released over 300 new measures designed to loosen control over the state.

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Checking-In on the Internet's Urban Density Problem

If you think about any of the most popular Internet start-ups that have appeared on the public radar within the past year, they all share one unique characteristic: they are more fun and engaging, the more people who use them within a specific geographic area.

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Are Targeted Ads Tracking You Down?

The internet is becoming ever more personalized. Content can be created, shaped and tailored just for you. So you wouldn’t mind being told about products and services that may interest you whilst you browse?

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The Real "Internet of Things"

Every time I encounter the term "The Internet of Things", I feel a tinge of disappointment which arises from knowing what it means but concurrently hoping it meant something else. Something that is inherently implied in its name, at least to the uninitiated.

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The Future of Digital Advertising?

Guest Post by: Dhiren (Market Sentinel)

It’s been written – sort of.

Creative social have put together a nice eBook called “Digital Advertising: Past, Present and Future”. The book is a compilation of essays and comments, from digital thought-leaders, about how digital advertising has been evolving.

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