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Three Interesting Stories from the US

Once again – thanks to David Weigelt for his excellent SilverTsunami video blog, where I heard about these three stories.

One of David’s colleagues has written a useful article titled: “What Google + means for the 50+.” I am still waiting to get onto the network to try it first hand but clearly a lot of others have joined.

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How Do Different Age Groups Interact across the Social Web?

Guest Post by: Jo Stratmann

Online community moderation company Community 102 recently published an interesting infographic which looked at how different age groups interact online across the social web.

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How Women Are Changing the Web

If the Web had a gender, it would be female. There, I've said it. Despite all the traditional indicators typically cited - such as the declining number of women signing up for computer science majors at our nation's universities or the relatively small number of female tech CEOs - the future of the Web is largely being determined by women, and it's not just a matter of demographics.
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Understanding Communities through Ethnography

Guest Post by: Dhiren (Market Sentinel) 

Ethnography promises new insights for companies seeking to understand communities. A few weeks ago I caught up with ethnographer and technology researcher Tricia Wang to learn how.

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The Status of Social Media in the Middle East Straight from the Arabian Horse’s Mouth in Cairo

I have just come back from Cairo, where I was invited by the heads of the Cairo Orange Labs (see the video here) and their French counterparts in order to perform a presentation of what we do at Orange Business Services in the field of social media for a large carrier. I had the opportunity to present in front of a panel of representatives its form various carriers from the region including our local partner Mobinil.
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93% of the World Is Not on Facebook

Facebook will today announce that it has reached 500 million users. This number is incredible, and perhaps even more impressive is the rate at which the social network is growing. Just five months ago they had 400 million users. The site’s user base has grown by 25% in less than half a year. Incredible stuff.

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Martha Lane Fox Plan to Get All Britons Online

The UK’s digital champion (Martha Lane Fox) has announced plans to get everybody of working age in Britain online by the end of the current Parliament.

There are currently 10 million Britons who are not using the Internet and a lot of these people are 65+.

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Digital Inclusion at the Sharp End

This is a great video showing how older people can get online, with a bit of help.

In this case the video shows a group of people in Hackney, East London, who are clearly enjoying themselves and getting the skills to use the Internet. Well done Age Concern Hackney.

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Time Spent on Social Networks Increases 82% in 2009

In December 2008, global consumers spent an average of just over three hours on social networks. In December 2009, they were spending over five and a half hours on average. An increase of 82%.

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Morgan Stanley’s Mobile Internet Report 2010

We wrote a couple of weeks ago about the role of mobile in the Japanese social networking market. It is a market where consumer internet use is driven as much by mobile devices as by PCs. Japan, and other Asian markets, are known for having more established mobile internet usage than in Europe, America or elsewhere. Therefore it is great to see a report that highlights the growth and development of the the global mobile internet marketing.

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