Internet of things

Save Your Job!


Your job is being threatened! And it’s not cheap labor or outsourcing that poses the greatest threat. No, the greatest threat is that your job will simply disappear because a company from outside your industry transforms the market by helping your customers get their job(s) done in a radically new and better way.

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The “Internet of Useless Things” or IuT Is Everywhere. Not Every Player Has a Plan.

The CES is a good one this year. Everywhere is IoT. And honestly I am little tired of hearing IoT or “Internet of Things” which is estimated to become a $7 trillion industry where thermometers, clocks, garbage cans, toilets, washing machines, watches, smart phones, fridges, baby monitors, garage doors and coffee makers are all connected digitally, allowing seamless interactions and smart living for us. Sensors are cheap and can be deployed everywhere collecting data, unnoticed. 

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The Real "Internet of Things"

Every time I encounter the term "The Internet of Things", I feel a tinge of disappointment which arises from knowing what it means but concurrently hoping it meant something else. Something that is inherently implied in its name, at least to the uninitiated.

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Four Implications of the Internet of Things for Business

I believe we will see a 10,000 to 100,000 increase in the number of computers, phones, devices and living things attached to the internet in the next 5-10 years — what many are calling “the internet of things“. We have probably already passed the point when there are more things to attached to the internet than people. All cars, many toys, most sick patients, lab equipment, cows with senors on their hoofs, you name it, will have the option to be connected to the network. 

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