Why Content Marketing Falls Short

In a Harvard Business Review blog post titled The Content Marketing Revolution, the author writes:

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77kids – A Retail Experience

Kinect to Power TV Ads, Billboards

A Microsoft guy explains how Kinect and Nuads will add gestural and voice goodness to TV ads served through Xbox.

Would one have to be standing up for this? Are people's living spaces spacious enough to accomodate Kinect? And would anyone care?

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Apple Is Pushing the Limits of "Interactivity" and Going 3D. Watch Out Nintendo!

Apple is going to push the limits of “interactivity” and planning to go 3D. Using a camera to detect a user's position and overlay it onto an any on-screen object, giving the impression of a "reflection" and creating a more immerse experience. Apple's latest technology would address that through the use of a camera or appropriate "sensing mechanism."

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Blogs vs Twitter? It's the Interactivity

by: Nancy Baym

In a post that appeared remarkably soon after my last post in which I noted that I am easier to find on Twitter than on Online Fandom these days, Rob Walker of Murketing and Buying In fame, expressed “Nostalgia for Blogs” and lamented:

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Clicks Or Mortar? at the Pixel Palace

by: David Polinchock

I have a degree in theater and, although I haven't performed in a lot of years, I'm still very curious about how all of these emerging & interactive technologies will impact the role and position of performances. I was a children's theater person, so a lot of the work I did was called participatory in theater language, but what it meant was that there were elements of the show where we expected the children to help move the story along. 

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Can We Have Interactivity without Spontaneity?

by: Iqbal Mohammed

The video clip below of Clay Shirky speaking about how to humanise brands got quite a bit of play on the blog circuit a while ago. Clay's point that advertising is too focussed on seeming perfect - and therefore is less inviting to interaction and participation - seems to be spot on.

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Fictional Narrative Evolved (part 1)

by: Rick van der Wal

One of my key interests in virtual reality, or virtual environments is the way it is able to communicate an experience, linear immersive experiences (otherwise known as stories) in particular. We use stories for more than entertainment, stories hold tremendous value for social progress and preservation of culture (history), the industry (advertising), creativity and inspiration (fiction), expression and nearly any other field of human interest.

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Multitaskers r-us

by: Gary Hayes

Turn off the TV, get off the phone and pay attention! Been doing some recent audience research and feel the need to opine. I talked about this in previous posts but not looked in great detail at some of the interactive, cross-media implications of this very current evolutionary trait.

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15 Golden Rules for Web 2.0


This document was originally designed to address the questions which were sent to me by large customers wanting to launch web 2.0 initiatives. Very often these clients wanted to jump on the bandwagon, but they didn’t know how to do it. They required help and guidance, even to understand the very meaning of Web 2.0.

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