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Some Random Thoughts on the Biz

by: David Polinchock

While I think that I give pretty good presentations, I am known to be a
little long-winded at times. So it was a real challenge for me last
week when I presented at the NY Advertising Club Meetup and I had just
5 minutes to present. So I squeezed six points into those 5 minutes and
got a very good response from the audience. Sparked some good debate
too, which I always enjoy doing! So, here were the points I made and if

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The Neuroscience of Second Life

by: Roger Dooley

These days, people are spending a lot of time online, much of it in Web communities and social networks. Second Life is a virtual world in which users create avatars to represent themselves and interact with others.

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Device Measures Engagement Through Face Recognition

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Ito: It’s Context, Not Content

by: C. Sven Johnson

Joi Ito has an excellent post specifically regarding the game industry but generally about business (and design) titled “Talking to the game execs” (Link). Here’s a couple of excerpts:

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GDC Mobile - The Future of Mobile Games Will be Social

by: Karl Long

I’m currently at GDC (Game Developer Conference) and have just listened to Trip Hawkins, CEO of Digital Chocolate a mobile game development company, and considering he founded EA (Electronic Arts) he’s probably worth listening to. His keynote speech was titled “Making Mobile Phones the Ultimate Game Platform”.

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In Order to Exist Online We Must Write Ourselves into Being

by: Lynette Webb

A few days ago I got 'meme-tagged'... thanks Alan.

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xbox and yahoo games have very different interaction

by: Lynette Webb

 Click image to enlarge.

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Navigators, Explorers, and Engaged Participants

by: David Armano

Over the weekend I had three different kinds of interactive experiences.  In each of them, I acted like three different kinds of people (more accurately mindsets). 

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Market and Non-Market Co-Creation: HOG Events

by: Chris Lawer

When I think of market and non-market co-creation, I think of Harley Davidson HOG events. Putting it simply, if you think about it there are three kinds of co-creative interaction going on here:

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