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How to Manage Your Creative Work and Intellectual Property Online

Note: This editorial was written for Yanko Design (YD) in my capacity as Industry Consultant for that website. As there are some Design Sojourn readers don’t really frequent YD, it would make sense to republished the article here. Looking forward to all your comments.

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Smellmarks: Trademarking Scents

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The Future Relationship of IP and Industrial Design

by: Design Translator

Fellow designer blogger csven has written a great article on his observations on the state of Intellectual property and its future impact on Design and of cause Industrial Design as well.

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You Can't Force Them to Come to You

by: Nancy Baym

As you have likely heard, Prince has been ruffling the righteous feathers of many fans lately by seeking the domain names of a number of Prince fan sites. The grounds are ‘intellectual property violations.’ Among the violations are photos of fan tattoos of images to which Prince holds the rights. Nevermind whose body they’re on. You can follow the struggle from the affected sites’ POV on their site Prince Fans United.

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The Looming Dark Horizon: When the IP Mess Hits Industrial Design & Co.

by: C. Sven Johnson

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: my primary interest in tracking the intellectual property issues currently plaguing the music and movie industries, waiting in the ebook wings for book publishers, and even frustrating hordes of bloggers whose content is appropriated and used to create spamblogs, is that at some point their problems become my problems; becomes the problem of anyone who designs and fabricates real products for a living.

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