integrated marketing

Why It's Time To Re-Think Real-Time

We can do better.

Recently, I attended an industry roundtable alongside a variety of marketers from different industries, all on the brand side. These are smart and accomplished individuals who gathered together to discuss real time marketing and what it means for their organizations.

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How Clients Are Showing Interest in Digital Agencies to Serve as the 'Lead' on Integrated Marketing Efforts

by: Idris Mootee

Ad agencies are cutting people across the board responding to budgets cut from clients. WPP does not expect to see any significant economic recovery before 2010 which is likely be the case. In additional to cost cutting and recruitment freeze across much of the group, they are also announcing plans to relocate the company's tax base to Dublin, a move which the company expects to provide significant tax savings.

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Disintegrated Communications

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

A few days ago, I received further confirmation from my bank -- Chase -- that its brand is all about abusing me.

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