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How Do Insurance Companies Treat Loyal Customers?

Who Benefits From Customer Loyalty?

Back in December 2015 Annette Franz in her post titled So, What Exactly is Customer Loyalty? made the following statement:

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What Is the Price of Customer Loyalty and Who Pays It?

I say that there is a ‘price’ attached to everything and it is always paid. What is open to influence is ‘who’ pays the ‘price’. The question I wish to address in this conversation is this one: what is the price of customer loyalty and who pays it?

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Accenture’s Report: High Performance in Insurance with Social Media.

Guest Post by: Tim Fowler

As I have a keen interest in social media for financial services I’ve been looking at the Accenture’s paper on “Achieving high performance in insurance through social media”.

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AXA Launches Motor Insurance Brand with 'Pavement Rage' Ad

AXA is launching a £10m marketing campaign to support the launch of its new direct motor insurance product targeting older drivers. This is AXA’s first foray into the direct insurance. Previously it had focused on the broker market.

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What's the Last Innovation You've Seen Coming from the Insurance Industry?

by: Idris Mootee

 Last week I’ve received this email from one reader of my blog. Here’s his question:

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Climate Change: 'Adapt or Bust'

by: Joel Makower

Probably no sector is more conservative than the insurance industry, and I'm not referring to its political posturing.

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