The Power of Story

I recently had the opportunity to visit the Institute for Advanced Study, the place where Einstein worked till his death in 1955. His arrival there was a sort of a tipping point for America—after him the trickle of leading scientists coming from Europe became a flood—and the legend of the place is still very much intertwined with his.

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Why Some Movements Succeed and Others Fail

On September 17, 2011, Occupy Wall Street took over Zuccotti Park, in the heart of the financial district in Lower Manhattan. Declaring, “We are the 99%,” they captured the attention of the nation. Within a few months, however, the park was cleared and the protesters went home, achieving little, if anything.

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Drama Is Anticipation Mingled with Uncertainty

There's a lot to take from this wonderful TED talk by the multi-oscar winning writer and director Andrew Stanton, who was Pixar's ninth employee and whose credits include Toy Story, A Bug's Life, Finding Nemo and WALL-E.

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Words, Words, Words: Inspiration for B2B Marketers from Popular Writers

Guest Post by: Shonal Narayan

Savvy marketers know that they can find inspiration anywhere and that they can learn from anyone. With this idea in mind, here is a look at quotes from five well-known authors and the reasons they can inspire your B2B

marketing mix.

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On Anxiety

This weekend I spent a bit of time with Andrew Zuckerman's work and (courtesy of Maria Popova) listened to this talk he gave at this year's 99% conference which contains a series of fantastic insights into his view on the creative process, wonderfully illustrated by soundbites from his work, most notably the Wisdom and Music projects.

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The Last Blog Post- What Marketers Can Learn from The Last Lecture

Guest Post by: Maria Pergolino

Just under one month ago Daniel Burstein, esteemed marketer and Director of Editorial Content for MECLABS, emailed me and a group of other marketing bloggers asking, “if you had one last blog post to write, what would it say?” His question was based on “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch.

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One Hundred Inspirational Ideas

Summarizing the last one and a half years of thinking and stealing I thought I’d put together the best ideas I’ve presented through my blog and slideshare account.

I put them all, in random order, into a slideshow and published it on

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Obama's Cultural Movement. An Insider's View

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Guy Kawasaki - Goodson Does Lunchtime Chats

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Design Concept as a Visual Map

by: Design Translator

Udanium235 has posted a whole range of his Design Concept Maps on Flickr. Meaningful and a piece of art in its own right, here are my favourites:

Resonance at the Heart of Design

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