Customer Experience: A Personal Insight Into People and Organisations (Part I)

Over the last four weeks or so I have touched and been touched by the ‘medical system’ in the UK – in particular my doctor’s medical practice and the NHS (national health service).  I want to share with you the key insights that opened up for me on people and organisations.

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Is the 1,9,90 Rule Outdated?

The BBC have just released some interesting research around participation online. The findings (the result of a "large-scale, long-term investigation into how the UK online population participates using digital media today") have raised a little controversy since they seem to indicate that the long-term model or view of participation online, the 1,9,90 rule, is outmoded.

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Invent Singapore Conference 2008

by: Design Translator

Today I presented “What is Design?” at the Invent Singapore Conference 2008, Design for Life workshop.

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