IBM’s CEO 2012 Study: Is Technology Really The Number One Priority of CEOs?

In the second half of 2012, IBM issued its fifth biennial Global CEO Study titled Leading Through Connection.  IBM says this study is based on face-to-face conversations with more than 1,700 CEOs in 64 countries.  I have been reading it and want to share with you what I make of it.

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Facebook Still Dominant in Numbers but Pinterest Gains in Referral Traffic

I’m fortunate enough that the tools of my job happen to be things I personally enjoy.  Instagram has become my main network of choice, I check twitter first and last thing every day (and several times in between) and recently I’ve even (finally) come to appreciate Google+.

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The World as We Knew it is Over. Now What?

We are in the midst of a radical revolution. While, some call it the digital revolution it’s much bigger than that. For sure, digital technology is at the foundation of this revolution but it is only the catalyst to the change. Fundamentally, economic value is created from economic inefficiencies. If you were a farmer and owned fertile land it was more economically efficient for you to grow crops than for someone else that lives on a rocky hill. Hence, people buy vegetables from you rather than grow vegetables themselves.

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What Is The Right Organization Design For Your Corporation? And What Test To Use To Know If You've Got The Right One?

Innovation effectiveness is closely linked to organization design. In the past, most organization design objectives were driven by a need to improve efficiency, resource sharing and improving focus. It is not common to see innovation as the core driver or organization design to improve speed, creativity and agility. Many organizations struggle to 1/designing the organization and available options 2/understand the implications of different design option 3/making the decision among different organization design models. So what are the factors that should guide the choice (and criticality) of organization design?

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Is Yours a Cult Brand?

I read an article yesterday on Business Insider about 16 Brands That Have Fanatical Cult Followings. I love this concept because, ultimately, I think every brand wants to achieve this status. Don't you want to have raving fans? Evangelists of/for your brand? People who can't live without your brand or will accept no substitute? Yea, I thought so.

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Why Price Matters and How It Is Tied Up with Marketing, Service and Customer Experience

In a recent post, I wrote:

“Bob Thompson shared the results of research he had been involved in some years ago. When customers were asked what constituted ‘customer-centricity’ they came up with: product quality/fitness for purpose; customer service excellence; being treated fairly; and price. Bob made a big play, as do others, about price only being fourth on the list. I will be writing a post on the price myth soon.”

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What Facebook Knows

"This is the first time the world has seen this scale and quality of data about human communication" Cameron Marlow, Facebook

Social Networks are of-course giant data gathering machines, and Facebook is the bucket-wheel excavator of data. I wonder if we're even coming close to imagining the potential of how it all might be applied.

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Is TV being ignored? The evidence

The other day The Guardian ran an interesting piece about US Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s digital campaign. Romney’s digital director, Zac Moffat, justified the campaign’s investment in digital by talking about consumers who are ‘off the grid.’

By this he meant the third of Americans who no longer watch live TV, except sports, and so are largely immune to TV advertising.

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Customer Experience: A Personal Insight Into People and Organisations (Part III)

This third and last post regarding my experience withe UK healthcare system follows on from two earlier posts – Part I and Part II – if you have not read these posts you may want to do so.

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Customer Experience: A Personal Insight Into People and Organisations (Part II)

This post follows on from the previous one – if you have not read it then you may wish to do so, as this post continues the story, the conversation.

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