Why Best Practices Can Lead to Better Innovation

Applying state-of-the-art tools and processes is widely seen as a mark of excellence. So, perhaps not surprisingly, “best practice” is one of those terms that you constantly hear in corporate circles. Managers often see implementing them as key to their performance.

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Is Disruption Dead?

In 1997, a little known Harvard professor named Clayton Christensen published a surprise bestseller called The Innovator’s Dilemma, where he coined the term disruptive technology, which later evolved into disruptive innovation and became a mantra for the digital age.

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New MSI Blogger: Hutch Carpenter

Dear readers,
Keeping with our aim to bring you the best and brightest bloggers, today we'd like to introduce mr Hutch Carpenter. While his tagline is 'not actually a geek', Hutch has a deep tech background and extensive experience with software companies in the fields of innovation and product management.
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Positive Deviance vs. Best Practices

Over time, I’ve seen people write disparagingly about the use of best practices in innovation. A recent example of this comes from Paul Martin in Say ‘Best Practice’ again, I dare you. As Paul notes:

For me the term ‘Best Practice’ conjures up images of a race toward uniform mediocrity, led by those who follow the crowd.

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The New York Times Innovation Report Is Both a Manifesto and Warning for Entrenched Organizations

"To improve is to change; to perfect is to change often"

~Winston Churchill

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How Ad Agencies Can Avoid a Death Spiral

Leo Burnett’s fledgling firm got off to an inauspicious start when it opened in 1935. With one client account, a staff of eight and a bowl of apples in reception, cynics said that he would soon be selling those apples on the street.

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This Is Why Large Corporations Need To INNOVATE or DIE

In the recent months two significant technological driven disruptive events have happen that could bring about the downfall of two of Singapore’s largest corporations. Singtel, or Singapore Telecoms, is the first and biggest Telco (they own all the infrastructure) and Comfort one of the largest taxi operators in this island nation.

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How To Make Your Digital Business Succeed

Peter Drucker once famously said that a business has only two functions: marketing and innovation. What he meant was that successful businesses create great products and sell them effectively. Everything else is secondary.

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No One Really Cares About Your Great Idea

I stumbled over a great Q&A over at Quora. Someone asked about what to do with their great ideas and inventions so that they won’t get cheated. I’ve decided to reproduce the question here and the answer by Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, as I often get asked the same question but in many different ways.

The question:

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How to Turn a Thank You into Higher Sales, and More: Roger’s Picks

Here’s some of the interesting stuff we’ve gathered during another 7 days… add your own find in a comment!

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