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How the Brand Utility Makes Marketing Truly Customer-Centric

Customer-centric marketing is like wet water, it’s a pleonasm. The nature of marketing is about responding to a customer’s need. Without it, there would be no marketing.

Still, walk through a shopping street, go to a website, visit Facebook or watch TV and you’re likely to be interrupted by marketing promotions. Promotions you don’t want and don’t need. Marketing doesn’t feel customer-centric at all.

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A New Evaluation: the 10 Lessons of the Brand Utility

The brand utility has become an established phenomenon and there are inspiring success cases. But the App stores are also full with apps that will never be found, let alone be used.

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What Marketing Can Learn from Fractals

Last week, I saw an episode of BBC's The Code. The series show how mathematical principles are present in our daily lives.

The second episode was about the way nature is designed. Natural phenomena actively use the principle of Fractals. A fractal is a geometric shape that repeats itself continuously. As a result, the whole object is shaped in exactly the same way as its smallest part.

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Domino's Pizza: An Inspiring Case of Social Media Openness

I’ve been watching Domino's Pizza with interest for a while now. For instance I love their Pizza Tracker, which is a perfect case to show that a good brand-utility application can both garner attention and actually improve on the core brand proposition.

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New Model for 24/7 Marketing on Social Media

More and more, I hear murmuring whether social media will become the new Second Life for marketeers.

The answer: Yes. And no.

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The Six Drivers of the Brand Utility

Guest Post by: Ingmar de Lange

The brand utility is here. Many brands are experimenting with this approach, some successful, others find a dead end. Time to draw some conclusions: what are the main drivers a brand utility’s success?

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