7 Influential Insights

Check out a few quotables about influence — from the National Speakers Association Conference INFLUENCE 2015. Featuring Chef Jeff HendersonVerne HarnishJenn Lim of Delivering Happiness & more.

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Rethinking Social Media Marketing

Gallup released the results of a consumer survey which found (as reported on the Harvard Business Review blog):

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In the never-ending quest to understand how consumers make purchase decisions, and what influences their decisions….

No, wait. That’s not right. Let me start again.

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BSMi’s 2012 Global Influencer Survey: Top 100 influencers in digital, social media and marketing

Guest post by Olivier Blanchard

I can’t lie, every time I see a list of top social media or digital “influencers” pop up in my stream, I cringe a little. Why? Because 99% of the time, Top 10/25/50/100 lists are nothing more than linkbait and bullshit. Here’s how it usually works:

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Scoring Social Media Influence – What’s the Story?

Guest Post by: John Fell

Peoplebrowsr’s Kred, a social influence and analytics service, today announced the launch of KredStory which is “a new way of seeing social influence that is different than anything we – or any social analytics company – have ever done before”. The good news is that this is an attempt to move away from a score automatically assigned to you.

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The End of Brainwashing

Here’s a story within a story, and it begins and ends with my (mostly virtual) friend Brian Solis, author of The End of Business as Usual. Solis began things by posting a photo of my book on Posterous, tagging it as an item on his summer reading list. Solis then linked to that post on Twitter, which produced a small flurry of retweets and an interesting comment from Dan Miller, founder of Opus Research:

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Of Influence and Trust by 1000heads’ @joannejacobs #lul360

Joanne Jacobs was presenting today at Lincuplive, a great social media conference put together by our friends Celia, Glenn and Tim and today was a very special day. It was Joanne’s last UK appearance as she is returning to Australia and will be leading the WOMM company 1000 heads down under. Her pitch was about trust and influence and she took the opportunity of this last UK presentation for reinstating quite a few important facts.

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Digital Influence: We're All Somebody

Recently I had the privilage of hosting a stimulating panel at Pivot 2011 with Joe Fernandez, founder of Klout, Larry Levy, co-founder of Appinions and Elisa Camahort, co-founder of BlogHer. The idea of digital influence or how influence works within the social-digital space is on the mind of not only marketers, but policy makers and anyone in the business of communications and or influencing stakeholders to achieve desirable outcomes.

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Topical Storms Brewing around Influence

On the heels of our influence panel at Mesh 2011, Klout has introduced a new feature they call "+K". A simple way to think of it is a like button for influence which connects someone to a topic which you choose. The move by Klout to add this feature signifies a broader effort which impacts conversations on the subject matter of digital influence—that influence is meaningless unless you have context such as what subject(s) people and organizations are credible in.

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Seven Indicators of Twitter Influence

Originally posted at Social Fresh

The NY Times recently reported what regular users of Twitter already know. Follower counts are an indicator of influence but not a very good one. And yes, followers can be and are gamed frequently with the assistance of shady web services. Here are a few more critical Twitter influence indicators:

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