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What Should Uber Do?

Uber seems to be under fire from all directions. The ride-sharing service is being blocked by some cities and entire nations, dealing with accusations of a driver having sexually assaulted a passenger, addressing a story by a reporter who felt threatened when a company executive suggested they try to squash negative coverage, receiving criticisms over surge pricing during the recent incident in Sydney, and being sued for allegedly making false claims about the safety of its service. You’d be right for wondering if Uber might fall even faster than it rose.

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How To Tell a Social Media Crisis from a Problem

Guest Post by: Monica Shaw

Everybody’s a critic, especially when it comes to brands. So when someone says something scathing about your brand, how do you know when the problem is really a problem? In this post, we discuss the difference between a social media crisis and a problem. Are you ready to put out any fires?

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Scenario Planning + Managing Your Inevitable Social Media Crisis

I see it weekly if not monthly. Brand or company X goes about their business on a social platform, marketing, putting out fun apps, doling out coupons and yes in some cases, engaging. Then one day, they get attacked by their customers or perhaps an advocacy group. The response tends to always be the same.

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How Social Media Ignorance Can Damage Brands

Guest Post by: Mathew Vattolil

The recent copywrite snafu by Cooks Source shows how social media ignorance can make or break brands. The lesson: don’t get involved in social media if you haven’t taken the steps to understand it.

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Turn a PR Crisis into Positive Online Buzz: Lessons from The Gap

Guest Post by: Monica (Market Sentinel)

How the Gap logo debacle turned a PR crisis into positive brand awareness for Gap’s “iconic blue logo”.

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Passive Aggressive Branding

With reports that the oil gusher in the Gulf is nearly kaput, BP's new CEO announced Friday that the company would scale back its cleanup efforts in areas where there is no more oil. Makes sense. Still bad for the brand, though.

There are two problems with which BP must contend, one situational and the other conceptual:

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Can the BP Brand Be Saved? The Logo Is Now the Symbol of the Worst Ecological Disaster in Decades.

This BP mess is definitely an ecological disaster as well as a brand disaster of the century and it will take us decades to see the real impact. BP has lost half of its market value and there are even considerations for shareholder lawsuits on behalf of BP investors who have lost money because of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

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An Apology for Better Conduct

Well, both Tiger Woods and Akio Toyoda have apologized for their transgressions, thereby following -- however belatedly and incompletely -- the scripted advice from communications experts: Woods looked into the camera and admitted his sins, while Toyoda did the Japanese understatement thing and then had his staff take out full-page "open letters" to customers.

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Total Recall: Toyota and the Future of Green Marketing

What does Toyota's travails mean to green marketing?

That question seems ripe these days, as the leading Japanese auto maker gets a comeuppance for its allegedly serious safety defects — and the more than 8 million cars it has recalled worldwide as a result. Toyota, after all, had become a darling of the eco-minded, a case study in the green halo that can inure to old-line companies that bring environmental innovation to mainstream audiences. Toyota seemed to have done it the right way: with products that weren't just greener, but better — in this case, high-aesthetic, high-performance, affordable cars.

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A Textbook Case

Unlike its response to the 1982 product tampering crisis, Tylenol is writing a textbook case with its reaction to the FDA's concerns about dosage...a case history of what not to do.

Last week, an advisory panel of doctors and consumer representatives (whoever they are) announced that:

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