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Send SMS to Complete This Ad

This Axe ad from Uruguay is the best mobile "send SMS and get something" implementation I've seen. Send a text message after dark to a phone number listed on the ad, and you'll get the missing fragment of the picture. Good teaser, meaningful payback. Very smart.


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VW to Launch New Model with iPhone Advergame

AdAge today: "Volkswagen of America is launching the newest-generation GTI exclusively on an iPhone app." The entire launch budget for the new model is estimated $500K instead of the customary $60M, since the game is the only thing VW is doing. Fail or win, this is bound to end up in everyone's PowerPoint decks, so I went in to take a few pictures as a matter of public service.

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Free In-Game Advertising Webinar Series

Re-posting the announcement I received from the organizers:

On Wednesday, the MarketKey In-game Advertising Webinar Series kicks off. The series consists of seven sessions throughout October and is free to attend.

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[Event]: Book Machine at Harvard Bookstore, 4pm Tue, Sep 29th

On Tuesday, Harvard Bookstore will unveil its new mega-printer from On Demand Books that can spawn 300-page softcover books in around 4 minutes. The machine will be used to print any of the two million public-domain titles scanned by Google.


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Banners, Search Ads on Retailers' Sites

Interesting. So Walmart must be making more money with the display ads it serves on its home page through the last year's deal with Yahoo than it would've made by promoting its own merchandise. The entire site served over 900M pageviews in August (Compete Pro data).

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Glasses, Gloves Simulate Geriatric Impairments

Wall Street Journal writes about a sensitivity training that puts marketers in the old peoples' shoes, literally: "Before walking into a Walgreens drugstore here, Todd Vang [a Walgreens VP] donned glasses that blurred his vision, slipped un-popped popcorn into his shoes and adjusted tape that bound his thumbs to his palms."

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Future: Disposable Video Players

"Wait, what??? did I miss a few years of tech?"

I bet a lot of us had the same reaction best expressed in a comment about yesterday's news that a September issue of Entertainment Weekly will come out with an insert sporting mini video screens to promote Pepsi and CBS's fall line-up. Not particularly impressed with the execution of the Esquire's eInk cover stunt, many wondered what kind of technology would be powering the screens that apparently can run up to 40 minutes of video each.

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Hype Cycle 2009: Augmented Reality, 3D TV on the Rise

If you think there's too much talk about augmented reality these days, the good news is that you are not alone, and the bad news is that it's far from over. Gartner has released its latest and retweaked "Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2009" report, and AR is right there, climbing steadily towards the Peak of Inflated Expectations (definition).  One change from the last year's graph is the estimate of years to mainstream adoption: from "more than 10 years" to "5-10".

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Disposable Advertising, or Don't Kill the Microsite

The Subservient Chicken site attracts 10-20K unique visits each month.

The debate about their increasing irrelevance aside, if we are going through all that trouble to build campaign microsites, why are we always in such a rush to pull the plug on them when the campaign is over?

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About Digg's New Ad Format

A few thoughts about the recently unveiled (and heavily commented) Digg's new ad format that makes ads "diggable" and puts them in the general news stream.

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