User Centered Innovation Is Dead

With a cheeky little link to Tom Kelly’s The Art of Innovation, Roberto Verganti (author of Design Driven Innovation) suggests in not so many words that User Centered Innovation, IDEO’s claim to fame, is dead.

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The Greening of Design, from A to D

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It's Time To Kill The Art Department

by: David Armano

Let me be clear.  I'm not saying we shouldn't have a "creative" group,
or a strategy group or a tech group etc.  What I am saying is that the
"department mentality" needs to go away—like permanently.

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Ideo, the Shopping Cart and the Halo Effect. What Is - Really - Good Design?

(Almost) Anybody interested in innovation knows about the IDEO process and the well-famed Ideo shopp

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The Evolution of Account Planning

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