The One Thing That Can Transform an Idea into a Phenomenon

Do you enjoy picking groceries up in your electric car? When you get to the store, do you prefer to pay with bitcoins? Do you have solar panels on your house? If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions, you’re in the distinct minority. So much so, that a lot of people probably think you’re weird.

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No One Really Cares About Your Great Idea

I stumbled over a great Q&A over at Quora. Someone asked about what to do with their great ideas and inventions so that they won’t get cheated. I’ve decided to reproduce the question here and the answer by Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, as I often get asked the same question but in many different ways.

The question:

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Many Made the Mistake of Taking the Brand out of the Innovation Equation on the Fuzzy Front-End. Are You One of Them?

Companies make many mistakes in their innovation journeys and often they go down the same path again and again and wonder why that is the case. The four main reasons among many are:

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When the Marketing Becomes the Product

What happens when marketing becomes a part of, or eclipses, the product? In a world were products and brands become more and more similar, will products end up as commodities, as invitations in to differentiating services and added value offered through the marketing relationship? And how will this affect marketing?

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Ideas From Anywhere

"Brainstorming groups produce more ideas than an individual but fewer and poorer quality ideas than from individuals working separately. In other words, brainstorms dilute the sum of individual efforts." Diehl and Stroebe 1991

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How To Innovate in spite of Innovation

I recently gave a talk, or more like a "therapy" session with Mullen's Chief Innovation Officer Edward Boches at the MIMA Summit in Minneapolis. A fantastic event populated by some of the most innovative companies in the world including Target, 3M and Best Buy. I have a bias when it comes to "innovation" that people tend to hyperfocus on what Google's Avinash Kaushik called "transformational" innovation.

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The Design Council Is Looking for Good Product Ideas

The Design Council has a half million to help finance new innovative ideas to help older people remain connected. The video explains what it is all about - so does this link.


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Is Your Big Idea Worth Spreading?

It's no longer enough just to have a Big Idea. Now you need to have a Big Idea about how to spread that Big Idea. At this week's TED Conference in California -- the globally-anticipated event with the tagline "Ideas Worth Spreading" -- TED organizers announced the winners of the inaugural Ads Worth Spreading Challenge.
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4 Vital Tips for Surviving an Industry Where Good Design Is Abundant

Good design and designers everywhere, just browse the Internet and you will see.

From the comfort of your laptop you can consume the hottest cars, furniture, digital cameras, laptops or mobile phones etc. Sure there are some great designs, but the rest of the majority are getting pretty good. Moreover where there is good design, there are also good designers.

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Patentwiki – An Idea Incubator

I’m working on a concept called, a site where people, communities, and organizations can share and refine concepts prior to patenting and/or copywrite protection. The idea is to create shared ownership by early contributors, supporters and sponsors of innovative processes and ideas. It should also provide a simple structure for non-contributors to license the use of the idea for commercial use with fees going to pay the owners of the patent/licence.

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