Why Stop At Gas?

Hyundai continues to innovate ways to differentiate and deliver its brand; its latest effort is an offer to guarantee a year's worth of gas locked-in at $1.49/gallon. 

The idea, while a copy of something similar Chrysler tried last year, comes on the heels of its promise to buy cards back from buyers if they lose their jobs. Oh, and it happens to be building high-quality, rather stylin' cars, too.

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My Pick for Super Bowl Ad Winner

by: Roger Dooley

No brain scans or biometrics were used in selecting my winner in the Super Bowl ad sweepstakes: Hyundai. This is a highly subjective choice, based on my guess as to which company might see the most bottom-line benefit from their Super Bowl ads. My pick isn’t supported by the USA Today Ad Meter ratings, or their online viewing/rating measures.

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