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Interviewing for Culture Fit

“Hiring for culture fit” is always a hot topic. I love it. I think it’s so important that you get the right people on the bus to ensure you (a) have the culture you desire, (b) deliver the experience customers desire, and (c) see the business results you desire.

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"Not My Job" Syndrome

Does your company suffer from the "not my job (NMJ) syndrome?"

When was the last time you heard someone being asked to do some task that wasn't outlined in their job description, only to respond with, "That's not my job?"


Yup. I believe it. It's an all-too-frequent occurrence that employees draw the line in the sand or draw a box around themselves, refuse to do some task, and say, "Not my job." They take longer to explain why it's not their job and what their job is than to actually do what was asked of them. That's a problem!

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In the Age of Technology Do People Still Matter?

Why Not Replace People With Technology?

In the second half of the 90s I was involved in consulting in the area of shared services. Being a sidekick I got to witness the sales pitch. What was the sales pitch? No human beings. Everything in the back office was subject to business rules. The business rules could be codified, programmed and back office work could be automated. No human necessary. Nirvana: 24/7/365 nirvana of efficiency guaranteed to deliver the same outcome each and every time.

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Telling Stories

In a recent Wall Street Journal article titled How to Avoid a Bonfire of the Humanities, a supposedly “tech-savvy, empirical, ferociously competitive” Silicon Valley high-tech entrepreneur said:

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The Dangers of Operational Excellence in HR and Recruiting

Guest Post by: Laszlo Kövari

Organizational excellence is based on best practices, best practices consist of processes, and processes must be sustained. Three types of grave consequences may originate from this simple premise:

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Pop-Up Human Capital: A New Employment Model?

Around the world, it's becoming easier than ever to sell your human capital - the sum total of your knowledge, experiences and talents - to the highest bidder. Using new P2P marketplaces like Sidetour and Gidsy, you can sell a lifetime’s worth of experiences and memories the same way you might sell a pair of used shoes. Using educational marketplaces like Skillshare, you can sell your esoteric knowledge to people with an interest in a specific topic.

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Why Do Big Companies Get Rid of Talented People?

A strange thing happened this year. A number of highly talented people I know were made redundant from the (typically) large companies they were working for. Good people. Capable, bright, knowledgeable people. People skilled in digital and who were willing to challenge the conventional ways of doing things in order to find a better way.

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Do Your Knowledge Workers Have a “Bitsmith”?

Along with my colleagues Jeff Hesse and Terry Holliday, I have been trying to understand what makes some teams of knowledge workers more productive than others. In particular, we have focused on people who work in firms that create lots of value as measured by earnings before interest, taxes and depreciation (EBITDA) per employee.

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Going Green to Recruit and Retain Employees

by: David Wigder

“I have never seen anything equal to sustainability as far as attracting, motivating, and bring people together.”  — Ray C. Anderson, Founder and Chairman of Interface in AmericanWay Magazine, October 1, 2007

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The business world needs more wisdom, ethical conduct and compassion

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