The Magnum Opus on US Housing for Older People - Lessons for Europe

Want to know how older people are shaping the US housing market? It is your lucky day. Go no further than this link and you have enough reading a viewing to take up the rest of your weekend.

That said, when I delved into the report to see what it had to say about adapting housing to the cognitive, sensory and physical issues of ageing I found it a tad on the thin side.

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Is the World Ready for a Radical, Low-Cost Housing Boom?

The next housing boom will be far more radical than the last housing boom. Instead of moving middle-class families into McMansions they can’t possibly afford, this next housing boom will be radical because it will take low-income families from developing markets and move them into affordable, modular housing at a price point close to $2,000 per home.

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Is the "Empty Nest" Household Just a Dream?

A survey by VibrantNation.com suggests that while US Boomers typically would be dealing with “Empty Nest” syndrome as their children leave home they are in fact running multi-generational boarding houses.

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Mum, Partner, the Kids and Gramps

Put another way – the multi-generational family household (in the US) is back in fashion.

More like is back because of necessity.

Pew Research Centre’s analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data comes to the conclusions that social trends appear to be reversing. The key findings:

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Life’s Going To Be Interesting in the UK Care Market

Housing 21 is a not-for-profit social housing landlord that has acquired the quoted homecare provider Claimar Care. You might wonder why this is interesting.

Reason one – you don’t often/ever get a non-profit organisation acquiring, via a takeover, a listed company. Reason two – it illustrates the potential of the care market for radical consolidation.

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You Can Always Rely on Bank 'Mum and Dad'

by: Dick Stroud

MoneyPlus, the magazine published by Standard Chartered, has an article about the extending period that children are dependant on their parents for money. The article is actually called: “How not to be helicopter parent” – the sort that ‘hover’ over their kids every financial decision. I would think this is easier said than done.

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Get More for Your House with an Odd Price

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