Toyota Is Fretting about Becoming Honda

by: Dick Stroud

In the UK, Honda has the reputation for being an oldies car – guess what car I drive!

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Drinking and Driving: the Blogs

by: Mark Rogers

Two new UK business blogs launched this week, one for Honda and one for Guinness. The context of course is about building brand, but the two blogs are very different in style and content.

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'Innovation Should Be Seen As a Tactic, Not A Business Strategy' According To Al Ries. This Man Is Confused.

by: Idris Mootee

The headline "Don’t Mistake Innovation For Strategy" posted by my friend Bruce Temkin (Forrester) on his blog Customer Experience Matters caught my attention. He was quoting Al Reis' article in Advertising Age with the title: Innovation Should Be Seen as a Tactic, Not a Business Strategy. Here are some excerpts from Ries:

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No-Contact Brain-Machine Interface

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Honda's 'Choir' Hits Three Million Downloads

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