The Consumer Is Not a Moron. He Is The Other Half of Creative Genius.

In the myth-making that follows success, the beginnings of any creative endeavour or career always happen under the light of a guiding star.

Every creative breakthrough, this myth holds, is foreordained. It benefits and enriches us - we undeserving flock of consumers - through the work and preachings of a chosen one. A christos1, whose genius is to know something we don’t: what we really want.

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Bright Lights Project: History

Did you know that the nation's first income tax was signed into law by a Republican President in order to pay for a war (Lincoln did it in 1861)? How about the fact that the Bubonic Plague was the world's first "network virus" because it traveled vast distances aboard ships? Were you aware that the average American in the 1950s spent more time being socially engaged in community and religious institutions than we do involved with our various digital tools today?

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Some Thoughts from The Past

I've been trying to source the timeframe of this quote and haven't found an exact date yet, but here's what I do know. Leo Burnett died in 1971. So, even if he said this with his last breath, this still means in 1971 he was talking about interactive touch screen shopping.

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