Say Goodbye to the Organisational Hierarchies Please

Post by: Sigurd Rinde

It all started by John Tropea's post, then the discussion moved onto Google+.

My first comment was "I'm still puzzled why all still accepts "organisational hierarchies" as a given... after all they're nothing but frameworks for work processes, of the push kind mostly, based on technology like quills, whips and shoe leather."

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What's So Wrong with Hierarchy?

Here's a scenario. The CEO of your company needs to do a big review presentation to shareholders/analysts/investors/holding company bigwigs. So they brief 5 of their direct reports asking for contributions to help put it together, your boss being one.

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by: Sigurd Rinde

You Know Something Is Wrong...

With management theory when the Roman army established that ten subordinates per boss was the right number (decurions, centurions..), and now 2,000 years later, 100 years of management schools and 40,000 management handbooks in print we believe the right number is eight.

With management practice when those 40,000 management handbooks does not help much.

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Thingamy Manifesto

by: Sigurd Rinde

In these day of New Year Resolutions, Five Things You Do Not Know About Me and Hugh’s rapidly increasing list of Manifests I crumbled under pressure (thanks Hugh!).

Actually, manifesto? Well, more like a summary of reasons why we’re doing the thingamy:

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A Very Good Read

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Redundant Hierarchies

by: Sigurd Rinde

Of all questions I get, this is my favourite : "Could we use thingamy to change the organisation?"

To which I enthusiastically answer: "But of course, thingamy can even replace the organisational hierarchy!"

The organisational hierarchy's purpose is to organise the processes, the work flows and distribute work orders one way and reports the other.

In other words, implement a structured use of resources, i.e. deliver the Business Model.

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fame, narcissism and MySpace

by: danah boyd

When adults aren't dismissing MySpace as the land-o-predators, they're often accusing it of producing narcissistic children.

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Human Hierarchy + Creative Collaboration in the Workplace

by: David Armano

Here is a simple visual to represent what many of us may be currently experiencing in the workplace. 

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