12 Reasons to Rethink Mobile

Mobile is at the forefront of rethinking communication. But in order to understand its potential we need to look beyond the SMS’s, the appvertising and the text voting. We need to stop thinking of mobile as a technology and a tool, and look at it through the eyes of people and their behavioral abilities; because its people, not features, that should drive innovation in communication.

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Importance of Brand in the Digital Media Environment

Basic marketing economics teaches us that the best way to make sure not to make any money is to create a product that is identical to every competitors offer, and then market it in abundance. Unfortunately this is also a good description of the digital media/publishing environment.

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Connect Everything Else

Are we stuck? Or are we just at an interim stage in the evolutionary cycle, waiting for the next step to shift the landscape again? In this presentation I introduce some thoughts in regards to how we need to change our thinking if we are to break out of the repetitive cycle we seem to be in.

I’ve just uploaded my last presentation “Connect everything else” on slideshare.net. There are three reasons inspiring me to write this:

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The Myths of Online Strategy

What are the myths concerning digital / online strategy, and how are they affecting our ability to innovate?

I picked out seven of them as preparation for a presentation on Thursday. And added them below.

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A Good Read

It’s always good to have a recommended read at hand. Having this question (recommended reads) asked regularly I’ve updated my list and wanted to present my favorites here:

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Employing a Winning Design Strategy

What does it take to employ a winning design strategy online? In the presentation First Impression, Marketing, Brand and Participants 2010 Update I discuss some suggestions.

This is an update to a former presentation with the same name published on in 2007.

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What Is Mobile?

In an interesting panel at the Webdagene conference last week, one of the panelists, Erik Hafner Rønjum, wanted a discussion in regards to what “mobile” was.

Holding up his iPhone, iPad and laptop, saying that he used them all on the go, and as their size and portability really didn’t make that much of a difference – could some, or all of them be categorized as mobile?

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Five Guidelines for Collaboration

At the Picnic Conference back in 2008 Charles Leadbeater presented, as a part of his talk, five guidelines for collaboration. I gently copied them and made them into a micro presentation. This morning I did a short video running through it.

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Are Media Brands More Trustworthy than 'Regular' Brands?

Why should we trust a media brand more than a “regular” consumer brand?

When introducing the idea of media collaborating with brands in creating valuable content for readers and participants, most media shy away from the idea based on the concept of keeping media neutrality. They don’t want to appear bought.

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Designing Technology

Technology itself is just a black box and can exist as something uninteresting and unused for years. But it is the articulation of that technology, through the craft of design, based on human and situational insight that molds it into utilities, tools and objects that gets absorbed by people and society and turn into behaviors and needs.

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