What Thoughts Do You Wish to Create?

the language that you speak shapes the way that you think. And that gives you the opportunity to ask, “Why do I think the way that I do?” “How could I think differently?” And also, “What thoughts do I wish to create?” — Lea Boroditsky (1)

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Our imagination is limited to the tools we use to understand the world?

Part 1. Solution Space – Uncertainty – Strategy

“We are not short of creativity in our world, and yet most organizations struggle with innovation.” — Gary Hamel.

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A Wider Digital Perspective (part 1)

How does digital communication affect business outside marketing?

In this two-part article I will try to explain the changes I’m seeing in the convergence of emerging digital communication, branding and business.

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there Is Not Enough Creativity in Strategy

In the Superbrothers article Less talk more rock featured on Boing Boing, the authors, both spawning from the gaming industry, suggests that a project should skip the first strategic phase and go directly for the creative process. The argument goes that there is, amongst a range of things, a spark at the initial creation of an idea that often gets killed as the process gets bogged down for months in enervating strategy and research.

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The Future of the TV Experience

What is most interesting, the future of TV or the future of the TV experience? Isn’t it the latter? Which is the stuff that is going to play out inside living rooms and from soft deep couches in front of TV sets the next five to ten years?

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A New Year Resolution for 2011

“I promise not to use Apple, Nike or any other exceptional international superstar brand to prove a point in 2011.”

The excess and extent to which some of these brands are taken to account for stuff invites to think that if only half of it where true, the other half wouldn’t be.

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By 2011 Do Two Things

Don’t wait for niche media to become big enough to employ the mass media mindset to it…

This would give that only 20% of what people do is either mass media or the “information web” – and 80% is something else.

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Emotional Design: Key to Motivate Learning

“Emotion” as a word is a discussion killer, often added to an argument as a sure fire reason for success – an unquestionable truth. But the concept’s lack of tangibility only leaves uncertainty: Why or how would it work?.

“Emotion” as an argument becomes useless.

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One Hundred Inspirational Ideas

Summarizing the last one and a half years of thinking and stealing I thought I’d put together the best ideas I’ve presented through my blog and slideshare account.

I put them all, in random order, into a slideshow and published it on slideshare.net.

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Creating Loyal and Motivated Customers through Brand and Design Strategy

Customer retention comes down to one simple thing: Having a good reason to stick around. In this presentation for the banking / finance industry I argue how brand and design strategy is not only underused in the category, but also, if used properly, can represent a cost effective way of creating loyal and motivated customers.

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