Helge Tennø

The Cliché

Due to its narrow formats, traditional advertising relies heavily on the cliché for impact. But online, only tactical advertising makes good use of standardization and formats; they are tactical tools not creative ones.

In 2008 Tom Himpe published the book Advertising Next, on the new age of communication, in it he writes about traditional advertising:

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When the Marketing Becomes the Product

What happens when marketing becomes a part of, or eclipses, the product? In a world were products and brands become more and more similar, will products end up as commodities, as invitations in to differentiating services and added value offered through the marketing relationship? And how will this affect marketing?

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Two Thousand and Fourteen

The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed.

—William Gibson, quoted in The Economist, December 4, 2003

    The question we need to ask ourselves about the future is not if it will be digital, there seems to be a unison agreement that it will – the question is what digital means? There are two scenarios:

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    You Probably Don't Work in Advertising (Part 2)

    Permanence or permanent presence – having a strategy that enables the brand to connect and generate something meaningful 365 days a year, (as referenced in part 1) is not an extension of advertising, as Fisk here tries to make, it has got nothing to do with advertising – neither is slightly related.

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    Everything human made has at some point been technology. Examples of this are asphalt, waffles, language, pencil, science and the kitchen. Lately we’ve had advances in electronic engineering, which is often what people are thinking about when they use the term technology; the PC, mobile phone, the Internet and analytics.

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    Thinking Doesn’t Start with Digital, but Digital Has Changed How We Think … (part 1)

    People who understand digital get how it has changed how they think about the role and reach of communication. It is a deep and structural change. But, this new thinking doesn’t turn out to be very digital – in fact, digital has very little to do with the digital things we do.

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    The Next 80% (manuscript)

    The following text is the manuscript to my presentation The next 80%.



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    Innovation Strategy as Brand Strategy

    Brand strategy is changing: From creating a unique story around a generic experience to designing a unique experience that tells its own story.

    In a recent panel featuring four of Norway’s most prominent CMOs, there was an agreement amongst several that their brand strategy was increasingly becoming an innovation strategy rather than a communications strategy.

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    10 Projects That Challenge / Change the Concept of What Communication Is

    Do we fail to see the extent of what communication is / has become?

    Here are 10 projects that should / hopefully would change / broaden our idea of what communication is:

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    The reason large parts of the corporate Internet is boring, difficult and of little direct use / effect is because we are unnecessarily complicating it. The Internet should be one thing: simple.

    This is the second part of my presentation The next 80%, find the first part here: Part 1: Introduction.

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