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The System Is the Customer

Every time you choose a model like e.g. a business model canvas or a customer journey you are choosing which information is important to you and which information is not.

e.g. if you map a customer journey for a trip from home to work using public transport you are saying that how many buss drivers there are is not a part of your problem to solve, or that you don’t need to calculate in the scarcity of busses, cost of fuel or the city’s traffic or noise pollution regulations.

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Traditional Design Thinking vs. Digital Design Thinking

Design Thinking needs a digital upgrade / extension to be more productive and helpful in an environment where organizations are facing digital challenges.
Digital Design Thinking tries to take the best of Design Thinking — its customer and experience mindset — and employ this in a digital environment — at scale. Creating several new benefits to the Design Thinking methodology.
There are a number of advantages to Digital Design Thinking over traditional Design Thinking in the right types fo projects:
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Chat, Content or Social Selling – How Do We Measure the Value of Social Media?

By referencing several of the current changes as social media we limit the perspective and reach of our ideas.

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The Customer Is King – and How Research Is Failing

To develop the next generation services and products companies need to answer a very simple question: What job is the customer hiring the product for?

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The Customer Gap

Customers are out-moving organization, creating a gap that has become the no.1 job for CEO’s to fill.

There is a growing divide between people and organizations. This is driven by the last forty years of societal change and the customers rapid adoption of new technology (link). The consequence is a change in how people make decisions (link) and more importantly; their demand patterns. Incumbents are now having to react to an expanding chasm of opportunities where a new generation of companies are taking advantage and disrupting existing industries.

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Customer Strategy

There are strategies for sales, communication, marketing, media, online, business, mobile, retail… almost anything, with the exception of those the strategies in the end are for; the customers.

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Customer Centricity

The idea of customer centricity is growing in strength, I’ve collected some sources I personally have found valuable in developing this idea.

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The Role of Branding / Purpose in the Digital Economy

In two articles on HBR the role of branding in the digital economy is discussed.
(Unfortunately behind the HBR paywall)

In this first article Itamar Simonson and Emanuel Rosen argue that in many categories customers now acquire knowledge and competence about a product before purchase. This diminishes the effect of traditional advertising and marketing, where the brand is largely communicated as a function of emotion and preference (“the story”).

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How technology and business is changing communication

My presentation at the iab.think digital in Brussels on the 28th May.

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Having original ideas in a world of collective thinking (video)

In my TEDx talk in Umeå I talked about the difference between creative output and creative input.

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