Customer Experience: A Personal Insight Into People and Organisations (Part I)

Over the last four weeks or so I have touched and been touched by the ‘medical system’ in the UK – in particular my doctor’s medical practice and the NHS (national health service).  I want to share with you the key insights that opened up for me on people and organisations.

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Can Nike Fuel a Mobile Health Revolution?

The mobile health revolution, which started and took off in overseas emerging markets, is rapidly making its way to the U.S. The past few months have brought a surge of new innovations - the FitBit Ultra, the Jawbone UP and now the Nike+ FuelBand, all of which attempt to combine fitness tracking and health awareness into an attractively-designed mobile product.

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The Growing Hipness of Mobile Wellness

Your mobile wireless carrier may soon have a say in the way you think about health and wellness. AT&T, through its Emerging Devices unit, plans to offer for sale health-tracking clothing equipped with wireless sensors that enable you to track your heart rate, body temperature and other vital signs -- and then send all this data to a site where a physician can access it.

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Smartphones - Dumb Systems Thinking. Is Healthcare and Care Stuck in The Dark Ages of IT?

It was only a matter of time before smartphones started directly interfacing with third-party equipment.
The obvious candidate for this application is for medical monitors. Rather than an older person using a smartphone to record their data it is much better if the smartphone does it itself.
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My 'Final' Words about the Care Industry in the UK

I have been wittering on about the UK Care Industry for far too much of the time. Today, there is a major report published in the UK about the future funding of the industry.

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A New Way to Play the Healthcare Game

If you want to know the direction that healthcare is headed in the near future, ask your kids which video games they’re playing today. The last year has seen an explosion of new approaches to solving healthcare problems, with many of them originating in the world of videogaming.

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Experiencing the Sharp Experience

What happens when a $2.1BB+ organization re-commits its 20,000+ people to its vision and values?! I got to find out last week when I attended “Extraordinary: The Power of Ten” the All-Staff Assembly put on by Sharp Healthcare. Thanks to a generous invitation from Mark Tomaszewicz, the director of The Sharp Experience, I got to experience first-hand the truly remarkable event.

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The Integration of Marketplace & Marketspace: The Killer App for Healthcare?

In our recent Diamond Digital IQ study, we found that only 3% of healthcare companies were focused on innovation as their primary strategic emphasis. You can empathize that 2009 was a year where many participants in the healthcare cluster were just trying to survive, but, in an industry where costs are rising, care is becoming more complex, and funding sources are in flux, we need more than only 3 in 100 firms focused on innovation. See the figure below.

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I Am Not Feeling too Well Dr Google

Google ranks second only to doctors as source of health information.

Not that it comes as much of a surprise, but after asking your doctor, Google is the next most influential advisor about health information.

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How Behavioral Economics Can Help Cure the Health Care Crisis

This post was co-authored with Bret Schroeder and Tom Weakland and is also posted at HBR at

Noncompliance with medical advice is one reason the U.S. health care is so costly. Yet it has received only cursory attention in the national health care debate — undoubtedly because politicians don’t want to risk offending their constituents.

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