Seven digital health & fitness technologies to keep your eye on

Digital health and fitness are going to take center stage at the Consumer Electronics Show this week and in 2013 overall.  In my latest article, I spotlight some of the trends fueling the innovations in digital health and fitness.

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Customer Experience Lessons from Bodybuilding

Have you made your 2013 New Year's resolutions?  Did they include any health and fitness goals for the year? In honor of that particular resolution, I thought this was a good time to make the connection between bodybuilding and the customer experience.

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Your Doctor Is an App When Technology Is the Cure

It used to be that the word "doctor" brought to mind an image of a kindly old man in a small office with a stethoscope, but now it conjures up an image of an app on a smartphone or a high-end digital device transmitting medical information over the Internet. As digital innovations continue to cross over into the healthcare space, they are forever changing the way that we think about medicine, healthcare, and even the role that doctors have in curing us. “Digital health” has the ability to influence not only how we think about healthcare, but also to bring the exponential computing gains possible within the digital world into the world of slower-moving medicine.

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The Growing Hipness of Mobile Wellness

Your mobile wireless carrier may soon have a say in the way you think about health and wellness. AT&T, through its Emerging Devices unit, plans to offer for sale health-tracking clothing equipped with wireless sensors that enable you to track your heart rate, body temperature and other vital signs -- and then send all this data to a site where a physician can access it.

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Potatoes vs. Salad

There are two trends underway in America these days, and they're about as contradictory as trends can get: marketers are chasing healthy living markets -- food, drinks, clothing, vacations -- while more people are getting and staying fat than ever before.

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Everything You Could Want to Know about Older American

In one free, government funded report, all you could want to know about the health of older Americans.

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On Tech Innovation in Health and Fitness and Beyond

Last week at the Consumer Electronics Show I attended two Summits about the convergence of technology and health/fitness/wellness. So many of the innovations introduced there were exciting and intriguing. I wanted to share my takeaways about these innovations because they speak to issues that are relevant to all companies which relate to technology in some way (and, these days, what companies don’t?).

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I Am Not Feeling too Well Dr Google

Google ranks second only to doctors as source of health information.

Not that it comes as much of a surprise, but after asking your doctor, Google is the next most influential advisor about health information.

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Depressing Reading about the Increase in Disabilities in the 50-64 Year Age Group

“Trends in Disability and Related Chronic Conditions among People Ages Fifty To Sixty-Four “is a paper published by the RAND Corporation in the current edition of the Health Matters Journal.

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Longer Life but at What Cost

by: Dick Stroud

I am always crowing on about the effects of lengthening life expectancy but this research from Japan was a real wake-up call (Trends in healthy life expectancy in Japan: 1986 – 2004).

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