Hackers and Casuals

Pats linked to this fascinating piece from Ajay Kulkarni at GroupMe talking about the challenges of designing for different audiences within the Android user base. Android, he says, is the 'Platypus of the mobile world...a complicated beast, a bizarre combination of two very different animals'.

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Do We Need an Army of Hackers to Fight a Cyber War?

Despite all signs that America is facing an imminent cyber threat from state-sponsored global hackers – maybe something even on the scale of a cyber Pearl Harbor - we continue to plod along in rather nonchalant fashion. Those hackers might break into our Internet accounts, steal a few passwords and take down a few websites now and then, but they couldn’t possibly take down the nation’s power grids or financial markets, right?

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“For the Lolz”: 4chan Is Hacking the Attention Economy

(Newbie note: If you have never heard of 4chan, start with the Wikipedia entry and not the website itself. The site tends to offend many adults’ sensibilities. As one of my friends put it, loving LOLcats or rickrolling as outputs is like loving a tasty hamburger; visiting 4chan is like visiting the meat factory. At some point, it’d probably help to visit the meat factory, but that might make you go vegetarian.)
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