Habit Summit 2015: My Deck, and a Surprise Takeaway

This year’s Habit Summit, organized by Nir Eyal (author of the best-selling Hooked), proved to be one of the more interesting conferences I’ve attended or spoken at. The focus was on building habit-forming products, and the speakers were carefully selected to provide a unique perspective on that process.

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Cooties, Conversion, Brain Reboots, and Habits – Roger’s Picks

Here are the most intriguing and useful articles I’ve found in the last week, plus a summary of my own new content. Enjoy!

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What does it take to generate deep contextual customer insight?

Is it possible to know your customers simply through ‘at a distant’ listening methods like NPS, post transaction surveys, social media, text mining customer call records etc?  I get that many of you are convinced that you do know your customers.  You are that you know what matters to your customers.  You are that your VoC listening programmes provide you with insight into your customers.

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Captain Kirk & The Talking Lizard

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

One of my pet peeves is the elevation of corporate mascots and celebrity spokesmodels from sales promotion tactics to brand strategy. Only now I'm thinking that in certain circumstances, they really are one in the same.


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Memo to Blockbuster's Agency

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

To: Bob Chimbel, DDB Entertainment
cc: All Innovative Ad Execs Throughout the Cosmos

Congratulations on winning the Blockbuster account, and on using it as the prompt to pull together all of your far-flung entertainment-related units into a single shop-within-Omnicom in Dallas.  

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25 Bad Habits of Industrial Designers

by: Design Translator

About time I got to this one and I though it makes a great post to face the year end with!

I also hope to keep this as a living document that gets constantly updated (with additional input from all my readers), and a good reference guide for industrial designers that want to learn to rule the world!

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The Measurement Excuse

by: David Polinchock

This thought has been running around my head for quite some time, but a couple of recent events & conversations have really galvanized it for me. It's how measurements and new tools keep circling each other.

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