Companies Stall Because They Don't Listen to Customers

by: John Caddell

The Stall Points Initiative is an effort by the Corporate Executive Board, a business research group, to pinpoint why companies suddenly stop growing, then stagnate or decline for years thereafter.

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B-Week Innovation Predictions 2008 - Some Thoughts

by: Idris Mootee

I just finished reading Business Week' s latest "Innovation Predictions 2008" and there are 3 things that I am interested most since they resonate with what my company is doing and my personal interest. Let's look at those three:

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Customer Experience Innovation and Growth - Summit Presentation

Call for Interest: It's Time European Brands Got Serious about Virtual Worlds

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How to Write a Business Plan: Ten Questions with Tim Berry

By: Guy Kawasaki

I work in the surreal world of Silicon Valley where venture capitalists fund companies based on PowerPoint pitches and executive summaries. My friend Tim Berry rightfully pointed that business plans still serve an important role in "the rest of the world."

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When innovation is hidden in plain sight

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Starbucks: Survival of the Most Innovative

by: Dominic Basulto

The now-infamous leaked Starbucks memo from Chairman Howard Schultz, in which he deplored the growing commoditization of the Starbucks brand, is continuing to generate commentary on the official Starbucks Gossip blog.

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9. Stop being a cost center

by: Jon Miller

Too many CEOs and CFOs think of marketing as a cost center. Left unchanged, this attitude makes it almost impossible for a CMO to succeed. Take the following example, courtesy of Anne Holland at MarketingSherpa:

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