What CEOs Can Learn from Andrew Mason's Resignation Letter

There's been a lot of talk and press about Andrew Mason leaving (OK, getting fired from) Groupon. I didn't pay much attention to it until I came across this post over the weekend about The 13 Best Resignation Letters of All Time. His really stood out to me for a variety of reasons.

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Suneel Gupta on What’s up With Groupon

It seems like Groupon has really changed, doesn’t it?!Today’s interview includes some of the back story behind the company’s evolution from a social deal-of-the-day offering to an engine of local commerce. I talk with Suneel Gupta, Groupon’s first ever product leader. Suneel helps us understand what Groupon is trying to become, why, and how.

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Will Daily Deals Turn Newspapers Around?

"Groupon is Hastening the Demise of the Newspaper Industry," wrote a daily deals trade pub in April.

It could be the other way around.

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Groupon Misses the Point

So daily deals site Groupon has been forced to make a cut of its own, removing all the Super Bowl campaign adverts which featured celebrities talking about cultural issues whilst enjoying discounted Groupon offers.

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Yeah, Groupon Sucks

The extraordinarily successful group discounter Groupon succeeded in offending pretty much everybody with its Super Bowl ads, which spoofed worthy causes (for instance, actor Tim Hutton bemoaned the destruction of Tibet's culture while celebrating the Groupon discounted curry fish at a Tibetan restaurant in Chicago), and then with an explanatory letter from its CEO claiming the spots were intended to bring attention to said causes (and that they actually made fun of Groupon).

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Green Groupon

Group buying platforms like Groupon and LivingSocial are growing rapidly. Such platforms aggregate consumer demand in order to purchase goods or services at a significant discount. A minimum number of customers must commit to purchase before the offer can be fulfilled for all.

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Groupons For Local Business: No Magic Bullet - The Retail Doctor

Bob Phipps, writing over on The Retail Doctor, has an 11 piece post on Groupon (and similar sites) and their impact on retail.

He makes a pretty strong final argument on his post:

Stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.

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