Vision and Ageing

After cognitive decline, the physiological effects of ageing on eyesight are, in my view the most important for marketers to understand. Let's be honest, it is a subject that most marketers don't ever think about. This video makes a start to explain one facet of the problem - the decline in the eye's ability to distinguish colour contrast. This article provides a much more detail explanation of the subject.

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AARP Video - Boomer+ Interrogation

AARP recently created this trade video as a mechanism for overcoming the objections it receives from prospective advertisers regarding the targeting of the 50-plus market.

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Life’s Going To Be Interesting in the UK Care Market

Housing 21 is a not-for-profit social housing landlord that has acquired the quoted homecare provider Claimar Care. You might wonder why this is interesting.

Reason one – you don’t often/ever get a non-profit organisation acquiring, via a takeover, a listed company. Reason two – it illustrates the potential of the care market for radical consolidation.

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Kimberly-Clark and Walgreens Try and Understand the Older Consumer

It looks as if Walgreens, the US drugstores, is beginning to take the impact of the ageing population a bit more seriously.

This is taken from an article in the WSJ – sorry subscription

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Elderhostel Makes a Fascinating Marketing Case Study

Elderhostel is a US travel and educational organisation for older adults – you might have guessed the travel part from the name.

The organisation is going through a massive upheaval, caused by falling numbers of customers. As the graphics shows, numbers of people signing up for courses have been falling and the average age of travellers has been rising. It is now 73 years old up from 68 a decade ago.

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Glasses, Gloves Simulate Geriatric Impairments

Wall Street Journal writes about a sensitivity training that puts marketers in the old peoples' shoes, literally: "Before walking into a Walgreens drugstore here, Todd Vang [a Walgreens VP] donned glasses that blurred his vision, slipped un-popped popcorn into his shoes and adjusted tape that bound his thumbs to his palms."

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Growing Older in America

Growing Older in America by the Health and Retirement Study (HRS) is a serious bit of research. It contains 108 pages packed with research about all aspects of ageing in the US. It covers health, retirement, finance… all of the subjects you would expect.


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Insights into the Asian Pacific Market

Kim Walker is the leading specialist in over-50s marketing in the AsiaPac region.

Even if you don’t have an interest in this geographic region it is well worth reading his latest newsletter. Make sure you listen to his interview on the local radio station

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Pressures on the Sandwich Generation

I just received an e-mail promoting a new book about the issues facing the Sandwich Generation, when needing to provide or access care for their parents (Sustenance and Hope for Caregivers of Elderly Parents).


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Old Burger Flippers Are the Best

McDonalds asked Lancaster University Management School to examine the performance of 400 of its restaurants. You will never guess what they found. Customer satisfaction levels were on average 20% higher in those outlets that employed kitchen staff and managers aged over 60.

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