Facebook Reckons the World Ends at 64

This article points out that Facebook’s demographic targeting ends at 64 years old – after that you are history.

This got me thinking. I wonder how many people in the UK are on Facebook aged 50-64.

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Keep It Simple for Boomers & Seniors

Targeting Boomers or seniors with your advertising? Keep it simple. While that’s usually good advice for any kind of advertising, brain scans show a dramatic difference in the ability of older brains to suppress distracting information. Studies by Dr. Adam Gazzaley (then at UC Berkeley, now at UC San Francisco) found the suppression difference in older vs. younger brains was the key factor in memory formation decline in older people.


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Martha Lane Fox Plan to Get All Britons Online

The UK’s digital champion (Martha Lane Fox) has announced plans to get everybody of working age in Britain online by the end of the current Parliament.

There are currently 10 million Britons who are not using the Internet and a lot of these people are 65+.

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Is Television Advertising for Old People?

The median age of prime-time television viewers (in the US) is nearing 51 years old.

In words of one syllable, this means that more than half of all prime-time viewers are outside of the advertiser's favourite demographic of 18-49. The medium that has long been synonymous with massive reach is quickly becoming the most efficient way to reach lots of old people!

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Baby Boomer UK Does Not Equal BB US

This blog posting echoes something I have been saying for as long as I can remember – these days, as a result of cognitive decline, that is not long.

The concept of Baby Boomers may have meaning in the US but it doesn’t in the UK.

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Horror of All Horrors – Apple Might Be Appealing to an Older Demographic

I just love this snippet, from Power Lunch, where finance commentators meet a tech commentator, from CNET. Not much mutual understanding. What is a hoot is the worry that Apple might be trouble because it is appealing to an older demographic. Well done Apple I say.


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"Age Is Nothing; Attitude Is Everything"

I missed this Del Webb survey that was published in April this year. Definitely worth a quick look, especially if you are in the US. Lots of charts and numbers.

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Email Designs Are Neglecting the Needs of Boomers

An article in Mediapost discusses this issue.

To help address this issue, the author of the article has created the Boomer Legibility Initiative for a New Decade (BLIND) group on Linkedin to convince marketers to increase the point size of their fonts by 1 point this year, in 2015, and in 2020. What a sweet idea.

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Digital Literacy Starting with the iPad

The video says it all.


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Looks like iPhone apps will dominate for some time yet

Android looks like it will be following in iPhone’s footsteps for sometime.



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