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I get contacted by lots of journalists and have developed a sixth sense for spotting the variety that know what they want to hear and if you aint saying it, will keep searching until they find somebody who does. This happened to me a few weeks ago.

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Its Now OK to Advertise to the 55+

I have been meaning to write about an article that appeared in the New York Times on the 13th May entitled: “In Shift, Ads Try to Entice Over-55 Set.”

All of these quotes should be music to my ears but I just wonder why it has taken so long for the penny to drop – as us Brits would say.

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Dick Stroud Rambling on about All Things Apps and iPad

When I was in Dublin I had a TV interview about all of this ‘i’ stuff and why it is such an important development for older people.

Having watched it again I think it covers most of the points, however, I must stop repeating myself. Put it down to age.

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You Need to Read the Small Print before Believing Market Research

The Harris Poll of about 3000 Americans generated a news release with the tag line that: “People over 65 less likely than younger generations to be taking some steps to economize.”

That conclusion chimes with my own gut feeling but I thought it worth looking to see what evidence Harris produces to justify the conclusion.

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The Importance of Women Including Older Women

Last week I returned to Dublin to talk at the Business of Ageing Conference. More details about the conference in future posts.

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Everything You Could Want to Know about Older American

In one free, government funded report, all you could want to know about the health of older Americans.

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Saga Quarterly Report - Download It

I have to admit that I am normally a bit rude about Saga – probably unfairly.

The organization has just published the first of a quarterly report that looks at the wellbeing of the over-50s.

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Seniors: the New "Social Gamers"

Michelle Kaplan is the co-founder of Many thanks for contributing this article to my blog.

It is always good to hear stories that demolish the stereotypes about older people and how they use, or don't use, technology.

This is what Michelle had to say.

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Good To See that Apple Cares

The first video is from the Ellen DeGeneres show. It is an amusing parody of the Apple's iPhone 4 ad. I have to say I think it contains a smidgen of truth.

The next video is Apple's response.

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Employing Older Workers

Two people, who should know about the subject, have got together to write a book titled, Managing the Older Worker: How to Prepare for the New Organizational Order. Peter Cappelli (Director for the Centre of HR at Wharton) Resources and Bill Novelli, former CEO of AARP.

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