Dove Ad Makeover - What Could It Do for Ageism?

I am afraid to say that this marketing campaign has passed me by. What a brilliant idea.

The campaign from Dove to make "women feel beautiful" by providing the capability for them to create Ads and ensuring the outbid 'negative' ads on Facebook.

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A Macabre Game of Perpetual Snakes and Ladders

I was recently talking with somebody who was in the process of structuring an event to look at the older-market and its business potential.

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One World Is Too Young - Another Is Too Old

This week I spent some time in one of the largest advertising agencies in the UK. I always love going to agencies. There is a lot of energy - people rush around - there is a lot of laughing. How could you not find that motivating. The downside, for the agencies, is that the people that work there are, with very, very few exceptions, half the age of most of the people that buy the products they are trying to promote.

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Terrific New Apps to Help the Lives of Older People

This week I had a coffee with David Sinclair of the ILC. He was telling me about the competition he was asked to judge about apps that could assist the lives of older people.

He has written a blog posting about the winners and there is also this great video explaining what the apps do. I reckon they are brilliant.

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The 50-plus Market in Asia Pacific

The older market in the US is big -  in Europe is big as well - in Asia Pacific it is huge. Take 15 mins out of your day to hear Kim Walker explain the dynamics of ageing in the Asia Pac region.

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Segmenting the Older Market - Podcast of Conference Speech

A few weeks back I was a speaker at an ageing business conference in Singapore.

More so than usual I gained a great deal from meeting the other speakers and spending time in one of the world's most vibrant economies. A fantastic (and horrifying) reflection on what is happening closer to home.

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Marketers – Should Start Popping the Red Pills

Have you ever had that feeling that things are not what they seem? You know, out of the corner of your eye you get a glimpse of a reality that disappears in a flash.

The world seems to jog along OKish but you know that something is wrong – horribly wrong.

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The Design Council Is Looking for Good Product Ideas

The Design Council has a half million to help finance new innovative ideas to help older people remain connected. The video explains what it is all about - so does this link.


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What Mature Consumers Want - New Report from AT Kearney

This new report from AT Kearney concludes the most important finding in the study is that old shoppers do not think they are adequately served by marketers, retailers or manufacturers. Most comments focus on the difficulties they face, including the inability to navigate large stores, with too many hard-to-reach products on shelves that are either too low or too high.

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How Will America Handle Its Senior Moment?

As tens of millions of members of the Baby Boomer generation rapidly near retirement age, America is in need of innovative new solutions that will help it prepare for an unprecedented aging of its population. One answer to America's looming demographic crisis might be a new global movement from the World Health Organization (WHO) to transform cities around the world into "age-friendly" urban zones that better integrate senior citizens into the economic life of the community.
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