36% of People Tested Still Do Not Realise that Google Adwords Are Ads

Get real about the level of digital literacy.

It does amuse me when I hear a bunch of digital marketers talking about some way they are going to finesse their strategies and how they intend using the latest social media development.

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Mismatch Between Hype and Reality of How the 70+ Use Techology

Pew Internet has just published a report titled - Older adults and technology use: Adoption is increasing but many seniors remain isolated from digital life.

Laurie Orlov has written a blog posting about the research. Her main conclusion is that as much as we would like to think that the older-old are taking to using smartphones and tablets and spending more time online the evidence suggests that isn't really so.

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A Nice Compact Video About Ageing and the Global Differences

This is a well made short video you might want to use at presentations. Well made and makes some good points.

The BBC made this video based on the research by Pew. I wrote about the report a few days back. 

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Great Video of Aging2 and Its Start-up Generator

Do watch this video that shows a really innovative development in the US to create new products and services for older people.

Aging2.0 has its headquarters at the Institute on Aging in San Francisco. What is so brilliant about this is that they have collocated their start-up incubator in a building used by older people.

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Older Women Outspending Their Children on Clothes and Accessories

Most of the UK press featured the research from Kantar Worldpanel about the growing buying power of older women and their influence on fashion.

Women in their fifties are now spending almost £7 billion a year on clothes and accessories.

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The Longevity Economy Generating Economic Growth - A Report from AARP

AARP has been  busy, working with Oxford Economics, putting some numbers around the value of the older consumer market.

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Who Do You Think Is a Good Age Neutral Company - John Lewis

If I had a dollar for every time I have been asked: "so what company gets this ageing thing and is succeeding" I would be a wealthy guy.

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Studying Quantum Physics Helps Understanding Older Consumers

Back at the beginning of time I studied quantum physics. Who knows what would have happened if I had continued down that life path?

One of the first things you learn, other than a good grasp of mathematics, is the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.

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Ford's 'Third Age' Suit

Good to see that Ford is taking the needs of the ageing population seriously – well it is saying that is is taking it seriously.

This might have something to do with the fact that the average American household purchases 13 cars over a lifetime — and seven of those are purchased after the head of the household turns 50.

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The Dementia Plague

MIT's Technology Review has one of the scariest articles I think I have ever read.

I am well aware about the enormity of the problems created by Dementia but I was shocked when I read the facts presented in this article.

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