Google Zeitgeist 2010

Guest Post by: Matthew Rogers

In annual celebration of the year’s events, Google’s ‘Year In Review’ video, Zeitgeist 2010 looks at some of the most talked about subjects.

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The Future Battle of Search Will Be in Social Mobile. Does Social Search Make Any Sense?

A friend of mine visited me from Japan and our conversation was around mobile search, since Apple’s acquisition of Siri, a company that makes voice-operated personal assistant app for the iPhone, people wonder what Apple's intent was. This move has big implications for the future of mobile search and is just a first step into the game.

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From the Mistake Bank: Marissa Mayer on Google’s Biggest Mistakes

It’s always refreshing to hear mistake stories from companies whose successes have given them mythical status. Consider Google. There have been so many stories written about their engineering prowess (here & here), their unique culture (here & here), etc., that it’s easy to view them as mistakes (Though it’s fair to say their public image has taken a bit of a beating recently.)

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The Creative Internet

It deservedly got some twitter-love on Friday, but if you haven't seen this resource from Google Creative Labs go check it out. An updated 119 slides of digital awesomeness including some of the most talked about, creative and inspirational ideas and web projects from recent times, and featuring sections on advertising, tech, art, visualisation, audio, politics, sport, history and books. I've embedded it here, but for the full effect go view it on Google Docs. Put together by Tom Uglow. Lovely.

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Fast Company Incorrectly Condemns Google’s Design Process

When I glanced over “Google Equates “Design” With Endless Testing. They’re Wrong” by Co.Design editor Cliff Kuang, my immediate reaction was, does the editorial team at Fast Company’s Co.Design know what they are talking about? I had to re-read it just to be sure, and both times I concluded that they were overly harsh.

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An Unstoppable Force

Time is an unstoppable force. And with it the mechanics and dynamics of cultures, societies and technology form a self-repeating pattern where new stuff gets created, used and thrown away.

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Google v. Facebook: The Battle for the World’s Attention

If you are the type of person who likes to think about where things might be going I’d suggest you start watching the evolving competitive battle between Facebook and Google. Both firms want to know who you are and whom you connect to, e.g. your “social graph”. To date, Google knows a ton about what you search for, but only Facebook, LinkedIn or another social network knows your social graph.

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Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Now Foursquare? The Loosely Coupled Operating System for the Web…

Not long ago, I was presenting along with some folks to the senior executive team at a large division of a massive insurance company. I had the great pleasure of listening to Eileen Naughton of YouTube, when she referred to Google as the operating system for search, Facebook as the operating system for social, Twitter as the operating system for real time and YouTube as the operating system for video. I found her characterization of the services fascinating and useful. 

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Why Amazon Will Innovate Past Kindle and Microsoft’s Bing Will Never Win

When I bought my iPad it was very easy to download my new Kindle application to read all my books I bought on Amazon, and I’m sure that Jeff Bezos knows that my Kindle may be replaced. Bezos can do this because he’s not in the book reader business, he’s in the book seller and publisher business (along with many other products). Bezos is not cannabalizing his core. 

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I Am Not Feeling too Well Dr Google

Google ranks second only to doctors as source of health information.

Not that it comes as much of a surprise, but after asking your doctor, Google is the next most influential advisor about health information.

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