CX is a lot more than social media

Oracle has produced a report called  - Global Insights on Succeeding in the Customer Experience Era. It is free, but you will have to register to get it here.

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World Economic Forum: More than Meets the Eye

I spent the last week at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. When my friends (y’all) learned I was going, some were supportive while others were horrified. A few called me an outright traitor. Given how much mythology there is around this event, I want to take a moment and briefly share my own experience there.

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What the World Needs Now: Global Brands for the Global Generation

What is it about being a true global brand these days? Do we still have to think global and act local? Or has the web changed all that, bringing the world together more than ever before?

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15 Years

I just re-read The Economist's "Future Tense: The Global CMO" survey from late last year.  And I'm not encouraged that there's even a future for the job description.

The report reflected results from a survey of 250+ senior marketing execs around the world, so it's far more of a snapshot of the present than an insight into what the future might reveal. normally studies countries and other substantive subjects; this report was sponsored by Google, which has an obvious interest in what CMOs think they're supposed to be doing.

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The Future Is The Past?

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

What if one of the futures coming after our miracle of the Internet and the madness of our economics is a model of living and investing we last saw about a hundred years ago?

Just change the names, technologies du jour, and consider:

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musing about social networks and g/local cultures

by: danah boyd

While taking a break from my dissertation to do my taxes, my mind wandered back to my data. I started reflecting on how the new suburbia* parents I met when interviewing teens knew few other adults in their community. They knew other adults in passing - fellow churchgoers, parents of kids' friends, etc. but many didn't really socialize outside the family.

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Advanced Brand Strategy Masterclass - Week Seven - Global Branding

by: Idris Mootee

one is long overdue and I apologize for the delay. Between airports,

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Top 15 Coolest Worldwide

by: Scott Goodson

Dutch-based "Sign of the times" has published their 15 coolest (things?) worldwide. Some of them are mechanical wonders, like the levitating functional light bulb, to the oddly named Space Disco, and also such bizarre selections as the Momento Mori by Barry Barton, an Australian who makes jewelry out of animals.

What are the criteria for this thought-provoking list? Who knows.

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The Corporate Climate Juggernaut

by: Joel Makower

The relentless march of climate studies, research reports, and major initiatives that has come forth during this fledgling year has been breathtaking, to say the least. There's a new one this week. But first, consider that the following have been unleashed during 2007's first 50 days:

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