Ten Questions with Polly LaBarre

by: Guy Kawasaki

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Why the Traditional Advertising Model is Slowly Dying

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Male/Female Brain Differences

by: Roger Dooley

An interesting Baltimore Sun article, Hormones wire men’s, women’s brains differently, surveys recent research showing how hormones trigger physical differences in male and female brains.

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The Biases of Links

by: danah boyd

I have a hard time respecting anyone who believes that science or technology is neutral. Unfortunately, even when people consciously know that they are not, they give credence to the biased outputs without questioning the underlying assumptions. This is why i'm an academic - nothing gives me greater joy than to think about what biases go into the creation of a particular system.

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Anti Bad-Media-Moral Campaign

by: Sebastian Campion

Last year the Swedish Social Ministry launched a web, print and video campaign called Flicka (girl) that attacks the moral of mass media.

Under pressure by the media's beauty ideals, and the aim of the public campaign is to educate young girls about the techniques and effects of advertising and thus help them to think critically.

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