There's More to Games than High Scores

As you are reading through Adweek's special issue on gaming and advertising, I thought I'd point towards an April post by Russell Davies who wrote that there's more to gaming than badges and leaderboards.

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The Game and Gaming 50-plus Woman

According to this blog that reported on some research done by YouGov (of which I can find no trace).

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Will Wright Keynote at GameTech 2010 Video

Via: Armed With Science - SimCity Designer Presents GameTech 2010 Keynote [VIDEO]
This year’s Defense GameTech Conference featured a keynote by Mr. Will Wright, designer of popular games like SimCity, SimEarth, and The Sims (find also my prior post GameTech Proceedings: Serious Games From Why To How).
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GameTech Proceedings: Serious Games from Why to How

Via: GameTech 2010 - Defense GameTech Users’ Conference Proceedings

Following my prior post Recall: Serious Games Disseminated Within DoD, we can now visit the proceedings page to view all of the GameTech 2010 presentations.

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Nicola Whitton: Serious Gaming Innovations of the Decade

Nicola Whitton from play think learn has just published a post with some thoughts about how gaming has changed in the past ten years, and how these advances in gaming could inform learning.

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Is Second Life Dead?

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

The virtual world Second Life ("SL") has been in the news recently, announcing some high-profile executive changes, and a new policy to help users filter out mature content.

I think the thing might be dead already, only nobody knows it yet.

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Future of Marketing and Advertising... Is Gaming?

by: Taylan Kadayifcioglu via Business and Games Blog

I have exposed myself to a number of new ideas (and reminders of old ones) over the last week, all about the present and future of marketing and advertising; and they are beginning to converge nicely.

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Multi Platform Social Media - diagram-by-diagram

by: Gary Hayes

Over the years I have been creating lots of confusing, busy yet at the same time, meaningful and insightful emergent media diagrams. These attempt to help the uninitiated heritage media folk, get to grips with a multiplatform, shifting-social-media-sands, transmogodified entertainment landscape…breathe.

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Virtual Worlds Rescue TV?! Or V.V.?!

by: Gary Hayes

What may save TV may also truly grow Social Virtual Worlds. As online audiences continue to ignore TV and vanilla/social virtual worlds suffer from a lack of direction, perhaps the marriage of the two will save both from irrelevancy? A report by Gary Hazlitt in various TV branded virtual world spaces.

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Superb Presentation: Video Gaming Trends

by: Eliane Alhadeff

Via: Advertising Pawn - Video Gaming Trends

One's got to love this presentation! 54 oh-my-god-this-is-awesome slides packed with dare, motherly affection, and a good dash of future; to better grasp where gaming stands today.

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