Five SMARK Questions for Stefan Kolle

In the build-up to his presentation at the Marketing 360 conference in Bucharest, SMARK - Romania’s leading community for marketing professionals - interviewed my colleague and business partner Stefan Kolle on the topics of NPS, customer experience and advocacy.

As the interview contains some interesting points which you might not be able to pick up from the Romanian edition, we thought we’d reprint the Q&A with the journalist:

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Digigen and the Tin Man Join the Futurelab Blog

Well, actually it’s Matt Bamford-Bowes, a strategist and social media expert who focuses on some of the “deeper” aspects of digital life and the way it affects brands, people and the world at large. 

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Introducing Helge Tennø

It’s been a while, but there’s a new blogger on the Futurelab block. His name is  Helge Tennø, and he’s currently a planner at an Oslo design agency.

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@Futurelab Goes Flipboard (beta)

If you’re a Flipboard user like me, you probably appreciate the ability of this remarkable iPad application to turn Twitter and Facebook feeds into a quite readable magazine. But you may also have wondered how you can tweak it to become even more relevant. 

After all, subscribing to a list of Tweeters with an interest in vintage clothing, does get you updates on that rare outfit by Chanel, yet also about the fact that a Tweeter’s dog has done doodoo on the carpet.

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Welcome to Neil Perkin

While everyone is probably happy that the volcanic ashes have subsided, at Futurelab we want to keep throwing new ideas in the air. That is why today we are once again proud to announce a new contributor to our blog.

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Welcome to Denise Lee Yohn

It's been a while since we've been introducing new contributors here at the
Futurelab blog, yet now spring is almost in the air, we will proudly start
changing our ways again.
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FUTURELAB 100 – 2009

It’s that time of the year again where everyone makes lists and hitparades. We don’t do too many of them, yet the Futurelab 100, always brings interesting insights into the ways Interbrand’s most powerful brands are relevant online (or not?).

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7 New Profit Opportunities in Mobile Retail

We’re starting to experiment with something new at Futurelab which should make Chris Anderson proud. In the past, we have occasionally published reports on the things that were wrong in an industry or situation. But we got frustrated at ourselves because we felt like we were telling the patient that he was ill, yet didn’t provide the medicine. Especially as – because of all our research work and projects – we are sitting on more of that medicine than we can process.

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Shift Perspectives. A Publication “Endorsed by Futurelab”.

These are exciting times.  Sure, we have a recession, and there is the looming threat of inflation, unemployment and further value destruction.  But all these clouds are also lined with opportunity.  The opportunity to change the way we work.  To set things right.

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Welcome to Our New Website

When you are reading this, it’s the first blogpost on our entirely renewed website. Like the dutch saying goes ‘the shoemakers kids always walk barefoot’ - our own site got neglected a bit, and when we decided to finally redevelop it,  it took us a bit longer than planned, but we’re finally able to proudly present…

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